The Dua Brand – Premium Fragrances by Young Entrepreneur Mahsam Raza

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The Dua Brand, based in Los Angeles, is a small, specialized perfumery that operates independently. They offer perfume extract scents made with natural oils that are designed to linger on the skin much longer than the most popular perfumes on the market today. The perfume extracts from Dua Fragrances are perfect for everyone who wants to make a statement with their sense of smell, from the most discerning perfume expert to the person who simply wants to go into a room and know they have the best odor of anyone there.

Mahsam Raza, CEO & Owner of the Dua Brand, was educated in Dubai and returned to the United States to share his enthusiasm and unrivaled quality perfume extracts with all fragrance connoisseurs. Prior to release, all fragrances are put through a series of quality control and stability testing overseen by Mahsam Raza. Furthermore, the brand gets its raw materials only from industry leaders like Givaudan, IFF, Firmenich, & Robertet. In order to create the natural extracts sold under the Dua Fragrances brand, Mahsam Raza sources raw materials from all over the world, has them processed and formulated in Europe under the watchful eye of IFRA-certified chemists, and then ships them to the United States.


The Birth of Dua Brand

In 2016, The Dua Brand launched as a firm with the straightforward mission of duplicating and copying the most luxurious and exclusive scents on the market in order to make them accessible to a wider audience. The goal of the brand was to produce innovative takes on traditional fragrances by using ingredient-for-ingredient recreations of their original formulas. Within the year 2016, the business began to develop this concept, and it has remained the overarching goal of the brand ever since. The brand intends to go more into originals as it develops and learns the art of perfumery.


Their fragrances are created using natural oils that have a longer-lasting effect, and each of these fragrances is put through a strict quality check by their expert staff, which includes Mahsam Raza, the company’s CEO and Anam Raza, COO. In addition, all of their raw ingredients are purchased from qualified vendors, then processed under the direction of chemists who have their IFRA certifications, and only then are they brought into the United States.

In addition to having pioneered this business model, Dua Brand has also led strong business models, including Hybrid, Tribrid, and Qudrid models. These models involve the brand combining two or more preexisting fragrances and essential elements from each to produce something new, which is comparable to the scents they are hybridizing but adds a distinct touch to each scent.

Dua’s present business strategy has enabled it to experience exponential growth, resulting in the accumulation of significant industry expertise over a period of several years. This trend will likely continue if the brand proceeds with the same business methods. However, the company has decided to shake things up and take a more unconventional approach moving forward. This includes diversifying into a wider range of items and delving more into the cosmetics market. This includes innovative and specialized scents sold in their own brand names, as well as spa-grade, naturally formulated skin care products for both men and women, a project on which they are already collaborating with high-caliber labs from across the world.

The goal of The Dua Brand is to improve whatever market it is that they enter by becoming the best it can be in that field. The company’s goal with regard to its production and advertising is to become more inventive with time, and its overarching objective is to expand to the point where it can leave a lasting legacy.

Masham Raza, CEO and founder of The Dua Brand explains the company’s mission: “We wanted to bring a collection of fragrances inspired by the most expensive brands out there and make them affordable for people across the world.”

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Mahsam Raza