Leekthough -Elegant, Alluring, An Undeniable Visionary

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It is not too often that we see people with the ability to influence others, especially by positive means. However, Leekthough is one of the said individuals, leaving an impact in various ways since his teenage years. There is a great notable appreciation for his music, and Leekthough quickly began building an ardent fanbase, consisting of multi-millions from all over the world. What makes a valuable artist is that they are always able to keep their good spirits. Consistency, dedication, determination, and persistence are required to become successful, in an otherwise highly competitive environment. Leekthough has been steadfast in these credentials with many more. He has set his career in a way to stay atop competitors in the music industry. All while putting his heart into every sonic which can be understood to be a part of himself; rather than an iteration said by other popular personalities. By emphasizing quality over quantity Leekthough is creating connections with those who admire his music and public figure. Curating to his audience gives him a platform where he can express things that matter to him.

Established in the industry for more than five years, he has emerged victorious launching his own media business LeekSeason, LLC. An independent production and collective that offers admirers an expressive way of living; not only with music, but with graceful stylishness. For Leekthough, success is more of attaining mental peace and being content rather than chasing after stardom. Super-producer Soca Jones accompanies him and adds his experience and artistry that bring a new tide of blissful music propelling their names to the global stage. This year alone Leekthough has charted No. 1 on 3 separate Spotify Charts; while remaining atop the charts for 2 straight weeks he demonstrated the control behind his artistry. Showcasing over 3.5 million streams on his new single Properleek; a cinematic soundscape birthed by Soca Jones & 17ondatrack. 

You charted No. 1 for 2 weeks in 3 different countries on the Spotify Charts; what does a superlative like that mean to you?

Leekthough: It was definitely a surprise when it happened. I’m just really excited that my career is advancing forward to a new level. 

What song do you feel best describes you and why?

Leekthough: Honestly, Shottah from my album Luna. It’s a perfect representation of who I am as a person. The melody makes you feel good; Soca Jones really made it an epic record. 

Your upcoming album Luna has been gaining quite a bit of attention online, many people have showed such great anticipation; why is the public so thrilled for this new album?

Leekthough: The main reason being, Soca and I said the album would drop January 7 of this year; then we kept pushing the date further and further. We would drop teaser videos here and there, people instantly got attached and wanted more. I am proud to announce that Luna will be officially released in Spring 2023. Soca and I have worked meticulously on every detail of this venture during the entirety of the year. The album cover is very expressive and vibrant. Everything you see within the cover is not random, it all has a purpose and substance behind each element. For example, the distant planet in the background has a very significant implication; one that you will understand once you listen to Luna. 

The album has a crazy storyline within a cinematic universe that Soca Jones and I created with soundscapes and melodies. Every creation ranges from hype energetic dance hits to captivating melodic cinematic ambiances. However, when you hear Luna in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos; it will sound like an entire movie using only sound. I’m not going to lie, Soca and I had way too much fun crafting every song and skit. People will appreciate being able to travel the world, the universe with us all with audio. The album will make people move and laugh, alongside getting to know me as an individual rather than just another artist.

We noticed a jump in musical direction from your older catalog, what brought about this change?

Leekthough: With the help of my producer and right-hand man Soca Jones, my sound began to be shaped and distinguished over the past eight years. Created a new genre together we like to call “international cinema”. He and I always have too much fun cooking up in the studio. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2023?


Leekthough: Accomplish more of my dreams and gain new listeners, I don't ask for much. I'm healthy, I can provide for myself and my puppy Eyeceland while doing what I genuinely love. I'm satisfied with life.

Your style is very tasteful yet mysterious, how did you decide what your persona would be?

Leekthough: My photographer William truly brings the vision to life. Working with my stylists Denimani and Silas bring out a sovereign version of me that both my admirers and newcomers can relate to; as well as appreciate. I want people to love me for who I am as a person.

It is certainly an admirable initiative that Leekthough has undertaken to not follow societal standards and instead walks his path out of whatever appeals to him. 

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You can also stream Leekthough’s catalog on: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Io0W7xMYxcxxIHcUIAS07?si=S24W86zVSbaKDbECeS0fwA


Photographed by William Hawk

Styled by Denimani Livingstone 

Stylist Assistant: Silas Samir Mah

Written by Violet Dubois

Fashion Editor/Creative Director: Leekthough

Production: LeekSeason, LLC

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