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Everyone needs to take care of their bodies and treat them sacredly. If you do not spend time and money on achieving a healthy body, you will spend more money and time maintaining it when you are older. Kagan Mckenzie Dunlap is one such individual who believes he is an advocate of a healthy body. He has a Bachelor’s of Exercise and Sports Science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and he’s been training and learning everything he could about health and wellness for the past 14 years.

Born and raised in Portland, Maine, Kagan is a Marine Corps Officer.  He first enlisted in 2014 and began the transition to commission in 2017. He has deployed 3 times for the country and is currently on active duty. Kagan competed in his first National Physique Contest this past year as well while he was finishing his degree. He has also completed many professional military courses since being enlisted, such as Combat Marksmanship Coaches Course, Combat Marksmanship Trainers Course, and the Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Course just to name a few. He loves fitness which has been a massive part of his life for the past 14 years. He would like to share a few tips to help other fitness enthusiasts take their fitness regime to the next level:

1.Get a Coach

He states that you need an expert to work on your body conditioning beyond a point. It helps immensely when you have someone to be accountable to aside from yourself. It helps to have a second set of eyes on your while you’re training to lessen the likelihood that you injure yourself or cheat reps. Hiring a coach will help bring structure to your training schedule and will ultimately help you improve.

2. Intensive workouts

Not every workout needs to be a 100% all-out sprint, however, it is important to push yourself to achieve new fitness goals. Some people don’t give as much energy into their workouts as they should and if you don’t, you aren’t going to get the results you want.  You should always leave the gym feeling like you gave it your all that day.

3. A gym partner or exercise buddy

A training partner with a similar mindset and goals can help take your workouts to a new level. They will help because much like a coach, they will keep you accountable to yourself.  They’ll enable you to push past barriers you may have set in your mind and can help you improve the same way you can help them improve.

Kagan Mckenzie Dunlap believes that fitness will lead to a better baseline in health in almost every circumstance which will dramatically improve the quality of a person’s life. He hopes that his tips will help people build a healthy body and take it to the next level. He would like to remind everyone old and young that it is never too late to start and to never be afraid to ask for direction.

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