Meet Jules Rodriguez: An Influencer and Entrepreneur You Should Emulate

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Many influencers take on the role of an entrepreneur by establishing their business and promoting it to their audience. Beyond this, many businesses directly partner with influencers to use and sell their products using their influencer platform. Influencer marketing has proved to be an effective mode of advertisement and marketing, as consumers are more likely to purchase products that an influencer recommends simply because they trust their words. Hence, it's no surprise that many influencers leverage this to start their dream businesses. 

Jules Rodriguez is a prominent influencer and entrepreneur based in New York. The City College of New York alumni and media professional has a rich experience in e-commerce. She has always had a knack for entrepreneurship since she was young. After being in the corporate world for years, Jules saw a dire need to deliver more ecological options to the market. Therefore, she took the courage and quit her job to pursue her passion. Looking to sponsor her business, Jules ventured into the influencing space and began sharing her daily activities on Instagram, rapidly garnering many followers. Her personality and honesty drew people in as she shared her inspirational journey. 

Creating a community of like-minded people, she used her newfound platform as a stepping stone to superbly establish her new brand, Buildtoblossom. The brand comprises a famous eco-friendly swimsuit line, an organic and affordable luxury ingredients skincare line, everyday wear, and an activewear line with exclusive designs for men and women. Notably, the brand has been receiving raving reviews from its ardent consumers. As a registered US trademark brand that believes in a better planet, Buildtoblossom sells eco-friendly and sustainable products that are carefully sourced with their consumers in mind and an aim to deliver the best quality and range of merchandise.

The brave and diligent entrepreneur has so many accomplishments under her belt. She bagged the OMMA Award for Best Advertising Campaign Chicos in 2019 and launched a sustainable swimsuit line in 2021. Buildtoblossom was featured in Haute Living this month and is set to be featured in the 2023 Grammy Awards Celebrity Gift bags. Jules is outstanding. She invests in real estate and is an interior designer who renovates old outdated places into chic modern luxury spaces. Moreover, Jules is a travel blogger and content creator who has worked with many brands since 2020. She produces hilarious couples' skits on TikTok together with her fiancé.  

While everything seems glamorous on the outside, she points out that being an influencer/content creator is not a walk in the park. She emphasizes that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes, and you should accept rejection and criticism in good faith. Also, launching an ecommerce business is a tremendously competitive space; therefore, you should seek time to perform extensive research beforehand. "I went as far as obtaining a media degree and putting years in corporate jobs before launching Buildtoblossom. On this note, she further asserts that if you want this life, you must be ready to work for it. You shouldn't get swayed by how social media platforms portray being an influencer, people assume it's easy," she shared.

When asked about her plans for her brand in the coming years, Jukes responded, "I see Buildtoblossom expanding to more countries internationally. So far, we are in the USA, Germany, Australia, UK, and France. I also look forward to launching more branded products and eventually eco-friendly branded short vacation rentals and receiving recognition as a designer and possibly a reality TV.

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