Josh Canova's "Butter on a Cloud" Gets a Thumbs Up from the Grammys!

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Josh Canova has ascended to the top of the music industry as the Recording Academy has listed his viral single, "Butter on a Cloud," on the official ballot for the fiercely contested "Record of the Year" Award.


This isn't just another accolade; it's a resounding testament to the exceptional brilliance of his music and his relentless pursuit of his passion. The recognition from industry insiders and aficionados serves as a reaffirmation of his boundless talent. Having been listed on the ballot, Josh Canova now hopes to finish within the Top 5 nominees to come one step closer to the award.


Josh Canova has become a voice heard around the globe. His music has appeared in movies and TV shows, each time perfectly capturing the emotion of the scene. His dedication to his art serves as an unspoken testament to the passion that fuels his journey.


"Butter on a Cloud" was just the beginning of a remarkable stretch. This year alone, Josh has let his creative spirit run wild, releasing three more singles: "Day of The Wedding," "Hail Mary," and "Lone Lullaby." Each track honors the "Josh Canova" brand – a fusion of raw emotion, compelling storytelling, and an inexplicable connection with the human soul.


The acknowledgment comes as Josh Canova prepares to release an all-new original album. Scheduled for release on December 1, this project promises to be exceptional. Josh Canova has promised audiences that the album will represent his growth as a songwriter and pursuit of artistic evolution.


After a record breaking 2023, one thing is unequivocally certain - Josh Canova is a rising star. With every note, he solidifies himself as a unique and original musical talent.


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Josh Canova, Butter on a Cloud