How did rapid technological developments revolutionize marketing? John Aaron Explains

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Technology, especially the internet, has changed our lives. The business world runs on emails, a world of knowledge at our fingertips, and powerful software that completes tasks in minutes instead of days. One of the areas that technology has truly revolutionized is marketing, and John Aaron embraces this change.

"Customer feedback used to be in the form of phone calls, letters, comment cards, or a trip to the customer service desk. While a few of these methods are still utilized, consumer feedback is largely online," states Aaron. "As for advertising, sophisticated algorithms track internet traffic and place targeted ads directly in front of a person," he adds.

John Aaron calls social media the ultimate game-changer in marketing. "Today, small and large businesses can directly interact with people to find out what they want, how the organization can improve, and even handle customer service issues in a way the entire world can see. It generates engagement and provides consumers with a sense of truly being heard," shares Aaron.

Even better, social media is free. Gone are the days of expensive and time-consuming surveys. A company can find out what it is doing right or wrong with a few keystrokes that receive near-instant feedback. Interaction is in real-time, and organizations can make decisions on the fly if necessary. Social media has taken the place of traditional mediums as the ultimate advertising method. John Aaron notes the return on investment is exponential as the only cost to a company is the time it takes to post.

Entrepreneurs like John no longer have to worry about fitting costly advertising into lean budgets. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn reach a worldwide audience without costing a penny. Social media has revolutionized marketing in some of the best ways imaginable, and John Aaron looks forward to discovering what future advancements will offer.

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John Aaron