The Dark Side of the Influencer Industry: Jet van Wijk's Tell-All Book “What Influence”

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Over the last decade, the influencer sector has taken the world by storm, with social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube giving rise to a new breed of fame. With their massive followings and ability to alter customer behavior, these influencers have become sought-after commodities for companies trying to sell their products or services. Even so, the industry has been criticized for its lack of transparency, with many influencers accused of pushing products while concealing their financial ties to the brands. Enter What Influence, Jet van Wijk's tell-all book that sheds light on the dark side of the influencer industry.

As a business coach and digital marketing expert, Jet began her career as an influencer while studying international hospitality in Bali and Bangkok. As her following grew, she recognized the potential of online marketing and founded her own digital marketing agency. What Influence? discusses Jet’s own experiences as an influencer and the detrimental impact the industry had on her mental health. She also highlights how influencers frequently sell things without disclosing their contractual relationship with the company, which can be harmful to their following.

Jet's book also challenges the concept that a significant social media following is required to be successful in online business. She discusses how she went from being an influencer to a digital marketer and built her own courses to help people escape the 9–5 grind. She emphasizes the value of discovering one's passion and doing what one enjoys over making money.

Her Laptop Lifestyle Master Program teaches people digital skills such as website design, social media management, email marketing, and copywriting to help them become high-ticket freelancers. Individuals can work on their own terms and earn a good living doing what they love by becoming strong entrepreneurs.

Jet’s book also explores the future of online learning and how online courses and programs are more beneficial than a traditional university education. She claims that online programs like her Laptop Lifestyle Master Program provide more practical knowledge and up-to-date methods in marketing, entrepreneurship, and digital skills than a traditional university education. Jet also advises people to invest in coaches and mentors who have already achieved success in their profession rather than depending just on conventional education.

What Influence? encourages readers to follow their hearts and pursue their purpose while providing a fascinating glimpse into the shadowy underbelly of the influencer economy. She questions conventional notions of success and emphasizes the value of transparency and authenticity in online marketing. Her Laptop Lifestyle Master Program offers a practical and effective way for individuals to become high-earning freelancers and operate on their own terms. Overall, Jet's book is a must-read for anyone interested in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and the influencer industry.

Follow Jet van Wijk on Instagram for daily inspiration, and stay tuned for the launch of her website to learn more about her work and upcoming projects. Sign up for Laptop Lifestyle Master and take the first step towards learning how to build an online business.

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Jet van Wijk