‍Jack Powers | From here to "Forever"‍

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A musician, poet, classically-trained dancer, and fashion designer, who honed his skills at LaGuardia High School, Central Saint Martins, and Paris’ über-chic Manko Cabaret, Powers approaches his work with a keen eye for detail, a sharp wit, and pure love.

If one were to try and divine -from the outside- where pop music is going, one would need to look no further than Jack Powers, an integral queer pop expressionist and provocateur who lives for the performance of his hybrid art. His Electro/euro/dance-pop sound is a bombastic headrush instigating beats into the listener's system, and drawing a downpour of sweat and euphoria under the blinking all-seeing eye of the pulsing club strobes.

Damn it it’s better 

We can find the sonic lightwave 

Ride it forever 

Right now, Jack is fresh off unveiling his newest monument to his own icon-making power process: "Forever", a single and music video filled to the brim with challenging and hypnotic visuals to match the grueling thunderclap of his imposing beats. 

The video  for "Forever" were directed by Spencer Clark and conceptualized by both Jack and Clark, and in them, you'll find an exhilarating, provocative, and irreverent visual feast of wild fleshy passions and horror-inspired visions, a fittingly cinematic and insane music video for a truly insane performance artist and musician.

His sound isn't just catchy, it is bewitching, and his visuals are just as hypnotic, a grasp so seductive and overwhelming it won't let you go. His live performances are the stuff of local legend in the underground NYC music scene where he has conquered as a fully-fledged performance artist bringing shocking theatrics and raw and untamed energy that simply cannot be contained. Jack's rise to the mainstream can perhaps be heralded by several of his appearances on the covers of PAPER mag, where he was even featured alongside the queen of reinvention herself: Madonna.

Photographed by Devin Kasparian
Hair: Matthew Sosnowski

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