Grace & Moji Offer the Ups & Downs of Relationships with the Honest “Our Love.” 

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Indie/pop duo Grace & Moji is set to make a powerful entrance onto the music scene with their highly anticipated single, "Our Love" on June 22nd. This introduction showcases their remarkable chemistry and songwriting, echoing the nostalgia of 2000s indie bands such as Flaming Lips, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and The National while combining fresh sounds evocative of Kasey Musgraves and Harry Styles.

Experience the electric collaboration of Grace Hong and Martin Wave, the dynamic duo of Grace & Moji, as they share their intimate journey of love, creativity, and healing through their music. Grace, a New Yorker of immigrant parents, left a corporate career in search of artistic happiness and purpose, resulting in her solo project Nolo Grace and her recent release of "Wake Up" featuring Sean Kingston. Alongside business consulting and nonprofit leadership, Grace co-founded the creative community PARASOL. Martin, an award-winning platinum-selling producer, and composer, brings a world of emotion to his compositions. His music has garnered millions of streams, featured in film, video games, and global ads. Don't miss out on the magic of Grace & Moji's first musical masterpiece that is bound to uplift and energize you.

"Our Love" is an anthem that beautifully encapsulates the powerful bond Grace Hong and Martin Wave share, exploring their journey of personal growth, healing, and the layers of their relationship. This heartfelt and quirky song delves into the depths of their love, ultimately leading to a place of beauty, harmony, understanding, and humor.

This track revels in the nostalgia of the recent past as Grace & Moji reflect upon their connection. Married right on the first day of the pandemic after knowing each other for a little over three months, there is something so earnest about their verses. Something about it recalls a bit of Jim Jarmusch’s “Stranger Than Paradise” as it feels almost voyeuristic at times. The duo welcomes the listener to watch them navigate and express their feelings without refinement. 

The vocals have crystal clarity. Genre-wise, they blend classical, folk, pop, and psychedelic rock into a cohesive whole. Balance is of the essence, for they ensure that the many layers of the sound neatly accentuate each other. Much of the song exists in this surrealist dream world. Production further adds that perfect polish, as the high fidelity of the atmosphere adds to the dedication shown in a truly equal relationship. Some of the twists and turns they bring to the forefront feel inspired. The usage of dusty drum samples unfurls at a thoughtful pace, ensuring that the track feels spirited. A raw intimacy takes shape, growing ever closer with each reiteration of the theme. Lyrics have honesty; even the most robust language within adds to this sense of power. For the final stretch, they let it fade out, giving it an inherent brilliance, one last finishing statement. 

Grace & Moji sing a song for lovers on the aptly titled “Our Love.” 


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