Gianna Ernst Reveals Brand New Single “SOMEDAY”

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Jorge Lucena

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Gianna Ernst is a musical powerhouse, blessed with a voice that captivates audiences from the first note. But she is more than just a natural talent, she is a relentless student of her craft, always striving to hone her skills and elevate her artistry. With an unrelenting passion for music that moves people, Gianna is on a mission to perfect her voice and create songs that leave a lasting impact. 

Her new single, "Someday," is a testament to her incredible talent and emotional depth. This haunting ballad explores the bittersweet experience of missing a past love, even when that relationship was toxic. With its relatable themes and raw vocal delivery, "Someday" is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners, leaving them feeling moved and inspired.

Gianna's previous release, "Dangerous," was a fierce declaration against the perils of being manipulated and controlled in relationships. The song's impactful lyrics and catchy chorus not only spread like wildfire online, but also elevated Gianna's status as a budding talent on the rise. This powerful composition showcased her courage to tackle thought-provoking themes and left an indelible mark on listeners everywhere.

As Gianna Ernst gears up for the launch of her much-anticipated debut album, excitement is building among fans and industry insiders alike. Her packed schedule for 2023 promises to be her biggest year yet, with a steady stream of events, performances, and other opportunities that will showcase her skills and build her brand. With labels clamoring for her attention and eager to support her vision, Gianna has the power to build her career on her own terms, while still delivering unforgettable experiences to her fans.


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