GENNY | FW S2425

The Dreamscape Show

Written by

Palmer Dean

Photographed by

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A half eaten carton of strawberries. A half drunk cup of lemonade. Picnic blankets covered in grass stains and a joy ride on my red bicycle. It is not merely excitement but a quickening of the heart beat at the enchanting whirlwind of our natural world. It is whimsical and delicate and feels so purely feminine. The days get longer and suddenly it is acceptable to crawl out from behind my baggy sweatshirts and into a dreamy sundress. The world smells like flowers and looks like fireflies. The world also looks like Genny’s new collection and smells like power and tenacity.

Designed by Sara Cavazza Facchini, the Genny fall winter collection speaks to our connection to the entrancing natural world. Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe the line incorporates tones of jade, pampas green, power pink and wine red. The pink symbolizes power and delicacy while the red is a motif on nightfall. Prints designed based on sea turtles strut the runway as do chiffon and organza blouses and tops. The knitwear in the line creates a fur effect with its woven wools. 

The evening dresses feature dazzling mini sequins and shimmering embroidery work with studs and crystals. Light and loose trousers and nude jersey knits are paired with matching jackets. To accessorize, a line of stocking boots and sandals. To hold, a puffy version of the iconic fortune bag and jewel bags with rhinestone motifs. The inherently feminine elements of nature show off women in every facet; delicate, powerful, ambitious, dreamy and romantic. The poetry of nature is ever present in this collection from Genny. 

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