Flamingo Estate | Holiday 2022 Gift Guide

Earthly Decadence.

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Tiana Molony

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After many holidays spent in the seclusion of our homes–unable to welcome our desired family and friends–this holiday season feels like a breath of fresh air. Flamingo Estate’s 2022 Holiday catalog encapsulates the familiar and welcoming feeling we crave. With products available for purchase on their website, the catalog features collaborations with Lebron James, Chrissy Teigan for her Gingerbread Treehouse, and Will Ferrell for the Harvest Honey. Flamingo Estate's catalog is the epitome of cozy.

A snowman made of cake and assorted glasses of champagne grace the cover. Shiny trinkets, centerpiece assortments, and an excess of candles create a dreamy atmosphere. Some of the brand’s offerings this holiday season include Flamingo Estate’s Garden Essentials–a thoughtful collection of body and haircare products. Protecting mother nature is key to the Garden Essentials line.

With proceeds from the honey line going entirely to charity, the products feature collaborations with Savannah and Lebron James, Tiffany Haddish, Julianne Moore, Will Ferrell, and Ai Wei Wei. Each product in the honey line includes its own hive location, flavor, taste, color, and proceeds benefit. Flamingo Estate's carefully crafted products and designs are in the spotlight this holiday season from the bath house, to the garden, the kitchen, and more.

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