FENDI | Womens Fall-Winter 2024

Kim Jones explores ease in Milan, Italy

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Palmer Dean

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It’s a familiar and frequent female experience, staring at your outfit in the mirror with an unsatisfied dismay. The pile of clothes starts to build on the floor as I grunt at the seven different combinations of top and pants I have failed to style together. Once that sweet spot is discovered, that perfect outfit for the day, it is an unmatched feeling of satisfaction that carries me with energy. Even more importantly, the perfect outfit makes me feel like myself. FENDI’s fall/winter 2024 collection is taking on the grueling task of creating a line that makes women achieve that sensation quickly. A line that makes each of us find ourselves through what we wear. 

The line takes inspiration from the British subcultures and panache of London in the late 80s and the tradition of Fendi’s Roman roots. The nonchalant British style was perfectly married to Roman freedom through the work of Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear Kim Jones. Fashion can be practical and elegant but it can be comfortable and playful too. This is made clear from the collection as unrestrictive sinuous lines that are used in its knitwear pieces. 

We go about our day in our perfect outfits unaware of the many processes used to ensure protection, happiness and comfort. A needle punched process called agugliato and high shine wax finishes are used in the new collection to secretly guarantee the wearer of security. To finish off the perfect outfit, FENDI introduced a new soft satchel Simply FENDI bag accompanied by the Roll bag. New versions of FENDI’s peekaboo, baguette and by the way bags were also displayed. 

Notable attendees of the show in Milan, Italy included multi-award nominated Jessica Biel, supermodel Amber Valletta and British actress Marisa Abela who is starring in Amy Winehouse's biopic “Back to Black.” An Yu-jin, IZA, Alessandra Mastronardi and Aitana also attended.

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