Empowering a New Narrative: Juliana Hale's "Not For You" Takes a Stand

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Juliana Hale is back with a bang! The multi-talented artist, who has signed with 615 JJ Entertainment, a Sony Orchard label, has recently released her new single, "Not For You". This single is a part of a project that she has been working on for the past year with Jimmy Maynes and Grammy-winning producers and songwriters. The project is set to be released in October on the Orchard with her new label.

Hale, a singer, songwriter, is building her image towards the Renaissance artists she admires. An evocative voice and vivid storytelling, she has established herself as a promising talent in the indie-pop world. She combines her multi-instrumental, songwriting, and vocal abilities with a love for visual arts, creating an immersive experience for her fans. Her emotionally direct storytelling, retro and pirate-inspired aesthetics, and versatility in writing set her apart in the crowded world of modern singer/songwriters. Whether it's a summer party anthem or an emotionally intense ballad, Hale is aiming to prove that she can do it all.

Hale is also deeply connected with her fans online and has built a solid base of supporters. She shares her chronic health struggles transparently and provides a positive community for those who can relate. With a steady stream of content expected for 2023 and beyond, she is well on her way to becoming a fixture in playlists gloablly.

"Not For You" is a powerful song that she says "illustrates women reclaiming their bodies, lives, and what they enjoy in the face of criticism, disrespect, and violence. It is a PSA to men that women do not get dressed, put on makeup, or live their lives for them. It also emphasizes that a woman's outfit is not an excuse for a man's behavior."

The song explores the examples of public opinion that women face, from being judged for wearing too much makeup to not being girly enough. With this song, Hale is saying that if you don’t like what she is doing, that’s totally okay because it’s not for you. It’s for her.

The music of "Not For You" combines vintage and modern influences to create a new way of storytelling. The bass and guitar-driven riffs drive the songs forward and get your body moving, while the songwriting pulls the listener into the emotional vulnerability and relatability of the concepts. The upbeat nature of the song juxtaposes the serious concept, which Hale particularly loves 

The song came about after an unfortunate encounter that Hale had while trying to get her Bronco fixed. She wrote most of the song to a drum loop in her mom’s pool in Florida and later took what she had to producer Chris Rizzo in Nashville. He built a track around the song, resulting in the final version that we hear today.

In addition to her music, Hale has also ventured into acting. She appeared as a lead in the film “And You Call Yourself A Christian” and will once more appear as the lead character in a new film called “Hope and Future” in 2024. She has performed at major shows across the nation, sharing stages with industry titans like Halsey, Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida, and Berlin. She has also launched a successful music industry audio and video podcast called “I Eat Vibes for Breakfast” and is getting ready to release an album that expresses her artistry in a whole new light. 

With the release of "Not For You" and her upcoming projects, Juliana Hale has her sights set on making a significant impact on the music scene. Keep an eye out for her next music project releasing in October and her new film in 2024. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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Juliana Hale