DYLN | Everything you need to know about the Los Angeles artist

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When it comes to numbers, DYLN’s are staggering. With over 600 Thousand videos on TikTok of fans dancing to his debut mixtape “Flavours” - including appearances from the platform’s most followed accounts Charli D’amelio and Addison Rae. He’s been able to garner over 60 Million streams over the past couple years. His rambunctious energy including dance videos on social media catapulted him into fame early off.

Since his debut in 2016, DYLN has gone on two sold-out tours around the world, including an appearance for Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival in 2020. After a hiatus from blessing the stages he will be premiering his new set at 1720 in Los Angeles for one night - alongside other LA artists including TeeFLii.

As much as we love to listen to music, creating music is a wholesome process in itself. From the inception of the idea to going into studios to bringing together the melodies to final edits and releasing it for everyone, it is a rollercoaster and each time going up the hill of that coaster is a thrilling experience. What’s more exciting is seeing the project, which began as a personal journey, evolve into a means for people to express themselves.

We took the time to speak with him about his new sound and what he’s been up to the past couple years.

“I’ve honestly just been focused on becoming a better producer, I took production classes in Burbank at this school Icon Collective and really honed in on my vocals”.

DYLN has just released his debut album “BoomTown”, a multi-genre experience that showcases his musical prowess. The album blends intense electronic elements with notable R&B/Rap features from multiple singers and rappers including appearances from LA natives 1TakeJay and Rucci. The album is refreshing and truly different from what we’re hearing in the mainstream as he mixes 4 on the floor house beats with R&B.

So what else have you been up to?

DYLN explained his involvement in Blockchain development as he said, “I’ve also been working heavy with a couple crypto companies, implementing new ways to give fans royalties through the blockchain” he continued, “Currently NFTs are just 1 of 1 sales, there hasn’t been widespread adoption of giving fans royalties yet, that’s gonna be big in the future and the people that lay the groundwork are gonna be the pioneers of something new”

All in all, DYLN is bringing a fresh twist to R&B and electronic music, and we’re here for it. Listen to his album “BoomTown” here

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