Unstoppable: DVBBS Launches New Single and New Record Label

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DVBBS, the dynamic duo of Alex and Christopher van den Hoef, releases the ultimate festival anthem with their latest single, “Breathe.” Hitting airwaves on September 29, “Breathe” is in collaboration with Kanary Records and Spinnin’ Records Warner, featuring Jesse Jo Stark. Known for their multi-platinum producer/DJ prowess, the DVBBS brothers deliver a track promising an electrifying experience for listeners.

In a groundbreaking move, DVBBS not only unleashed a new musical masterpiece, but their independent label, KANARY RECORDS, also made a significant splash, finalizing a joint venture with a major record label. The move underscores DVBBS's skill as both artists and industry innovators. KANARY RECORDS' expansion in 2024 marks new heights for their multi-faceted label and publishing company, which includes a multimedia and fashion division.

Getting their start as two brothers with a deep-rooted passion for music and performing, DVBBS's musical journey began at 12, transitioning from punk and pop bands to dance and electronic music production in the early 2010s. Attending their first concerts as kids solidified their dream to become musicians, and with determination, they made that dream a reality.

Navigating the music industry, they encountered numerous challenges, especially facing the industry’s numerous gatekeepers. Despite the hurdles, their focus remained steadfast on creating music that resonates emotionally. For DVBBS, the essence of their journey lies in making music that truly moves people.

DVBBS stands out among an influx of artists because of their commitment to originality and refusal to follow trends. The acclaimed artists forge their path and are unafraid to go against the grain. Their philosophy is that music is art with no rigid definitions of right or wrong. That outlook proved to fare well for the brothers, as DVBSS received substantial recognition and accolades for their trailblazing artistry.

Earning an impressive array of career highlights, DVBBS received several awards and nominations over the years, as well as achieving multiple appearances in DJ MAG's Top 20 in the world, over 1000 headline shows and festivals, and performances in 70+ countries. Their accolades, such as the "One to Watch" award at the Canadian Urban Music Awards, speak to their enduring impact on the global music scene.

“Breathe” reflects DVBBS's continued use of music as a therapeutic outlet, with the duo emphasizing the role music plays in providing healing. More than just artists, DVBBS are builders of a genuine, raw movement that stems from the grassroots and redirects success and energy back into the youth.

Looking ahead, DVBBS is excited about the recent launch of their label, where they are signing exceptionally talented acts through KANARY RECORDS. Reflecting on the past decade, which witnessed the global success of their hit “Tsunami” and numerous collaborations with music icons, they are now venturing into the underground scene where their journey began. The inclusion of “Breathe” feature artist Jesse Jo Stark in their latest endeavor is a testament to their commitment to bringing fresh, unique talent into the spotlight.

DVBBS is optimistic about the next decade of music, business, and innovation. With an emphasis on independence and a genuine love for their craft, DVBBS is not just riding the waves; they are creating them.

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