Driving Towards A Dream | Jay Laurent’s Motivation

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What would you do if one day you won the lottery? It's a common icebreaker question that allows people to drift into a fantasyland of big houses, lavish vacations, and of course, retirement. Many people find it easier to pick five or six numbers than to do the actual work it takes to make millions themselves.

But it's more attainable than some might think. Jay Laurent is well on his way to living a lottery lifestyle, and he's not even close to entering his 30s yet.

Jay, a serial entrepreneur, has launched several business ventures, including WireTalk on Wall Street.

Those relationships entail close bonds with politicians and some of California's most prominent business leaders. And Jay Laurent has earned his place among them. He has been named one of Success.com's "Top Performing Entrepreneurs of the Year" for 2022. And not only that but he was rated number one on the list.

But the drive to create a great business goes well beyond just being successful for Jay Laurent. A high school dropout at 15, Jay is using his success to care for those who have always had his back.

"I want to be a provider to my friends and family, not just from a financial perspective, but also in wisdom and knowledge."

Jay says his father and older brother have been his biggest inspirations in shaping the person he is today. They were also his role models in entering the business world in the first place.

Today, Jay isn't just sharing his wealth and knowledge with close family members and friends. He is reaching out to anyone who shares the dream he had. He launched his charity foundation, "God Willing." Its purpose is to help young kids achieve goals that might seem impossible due to financial constraints. Jay Laurent self-funded the entire non-profit organization. He knows all it takes is a little belief from someone who has been there and done that to allow someone else to spread their wings.

Even though he works 14-hour days to maintain his businesses, Jay Laurent says expanding his charity is his top focus through the future.

However, through it all, Jay still saves himself some time to indulge in at least a little slice of the lottery lifestyle. Aside from business, he loves cars. His successful portfolio has allowed him to collect everything from high-end luxury to vintage rides and even race cars. He loves to post them on his Instagram to show his more than two million followers.

What would Jay Laurent do if he won the lottery? He'd rather work for the money than gamble to get it. The odds to be set for life are already well in his favor. 

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