Diesel | Fall Winter 2024

opening Disel to the world

Written by

Palmer Dean

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The allure and pizzazz of a fashion show is the seemingly perfect execution of it all. The soft lighting, the soundtrack wafting from the speakers, the warm buzz of the audience anticipating the new collection; it feels so seamlessly calculated. But every fashion fanatic cannot help but wonder, what goes on behind those shut curtains before, after and during the show?

For the first time in the industry’s history, Diesel offered a sneak peek into the behind the scenes of their fall winter 2024 show. For more than seventy two hours, viewers online could watch creative director Glenn Martens and his team prepare for the show and finalize the collection through five different cameras. The secrets and mysteries of the fashion industry are no longer secrets. The chaos and rush of clothing being whipped around and the runway being constructed are a rude awakening to the flawless image we had of fashion shows. But there is innate beauty in the chaos of it all that allows us to better connect with elements of the show. Perhaps letting the audience backstage is meant to be a part of the show itself. 

The new collection worked well with the theme of what is visible to the eye and what may be more hidden. Denim double breasted coats made their way down the runway but when unbuttoned, original denim was reviewed. Muslin was sneakily bonded to jersey to create contrast and floral printed tops had hidden layers of leopard print underneath. Just in time for winter, a series of thick knit hats, balaclavas and jackets were showcased as well as padded coats with faux fur and an overwhelmingly sized diesel logo. While a myriad of materials and hidden elements were unveiled, a Diesel collection could not be a Diesel collection without its signature denim. The line featured a series of denim based pieces including denim that cosplayed as leather. 

To accessorize the line men’s boots with a square metal toe and clog boots carried the looks down the runway. Chokers and cuffs designed by a Berlin tattoo artist were worn as well as the new diesel eyewear collection. The line reminds us that there is always more than what meets the eye. Diesel has shown that a behind the scenes look at anything can only help to better convey a vision. 

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