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Whether placed delicately on someone’s coffee table or tucked in between a collection of art monographs, a David Zwirner book stands out among the rest. Behind each intentionally designed cover lies scholarly writing bound to leave the reader with more than just an image of an artist’s work. Focused on each physical detail and illuminative writing within the covers, the publication house has featured some of the greats like Yayoi Kusuma and Hilma Af Kint. From historical surveys to collected writings and interviews, a David Zwirner book has the ability to showcase the talent of the artist while allowing the reader to get an inside look into what went into creating such art. Sold in museums and bookstores around the world, a David Zwirner book is sure to tell the whole story.

Noah Davis: In Detail

As a follow up to the previously published monograph Noah Davis, this in-depth version goes beyond the depths of his impact on the art world and surveys his inspiration. The American artist is most well known for his emotive figurative paintings and the founding of The Underground Museum, a black-owned-and-run institution. Within the context of this book, the author brings to light a new perspective into each of his paintings. In addition to surveying his art, the author spotlights The Underground Museum that is focused on bringing art to underserved communities of color in Los Angeles. The book follows the founding and mission of this museum closely and the author speaks to artists like Fred Moten, Glenn Ligon, Thomas Lax, and Julie Mehretu who directly felt the impact of this project. 

Katherine Bernhardt: Why is a mushroom growing in my shower?

As ET puffs a cigarette and Bart Simpson flashes the viewer, Katherine Bernhardt is notorious for bringing iconic pop culture figures into her art. Often dabbling in a neon pink palette, it's impossible to not be drawn to her work. The improvisation and playfulness of everything she does can only be interpreted as magnetic. This book focuses on her showing at the David Zwirner Gallery in London 2022. This catalog draws from a historical analysis of the art canon in addition to exploring her beginnings in art. This book celebrates Bernhardt’s playfulness while simultaneously interpreting it through a critical lens.

Nate Lowman

Known for bringing together news, media and art, this book brings together an archive of all Nate Lowman’s work to portray his career thus far. He draws from the cataclysmic urgency and violence happening in the world around us to understand it through the lens of art. From his paint brush, he is able to mimic the style of crime scene photography to further the emotions associated with tragedies like mass shootings. In playing with various mediums, the book spotlights his shows in London and New York and offers some explanation and insight into his representations of American violence and media.

Gerhard Richter: New York 2023

Coinciding with Richter’s first ever exhibition with David Zwirner, this book showcases some of his final paintings and his newest explorations with other mediums. Over his lengthy career, he has become regarded in the art world for his works in realism and abstraction. This lifetime commitment to the practice has allowed him to challenge the limits of these styles in every way possible. This book functions as an archive of his most recent works and marks this change in his career as a moment in history. The author brings together moments from his past to present to fully represent who he is an artist.

Shio Kusaka: one light year

One light year is a work by Kusaka that involves a series of innovative ceramics pieces and is the center of attention of this book. Created closely with the artist, readers gain insight into the motivation and message of the work. Kusaka is known for bringing together ancient Japanese techniques into her ceramics pieces. Bringing a new vision into the medium of ceramics, one light year is a gateway into her style and understanding of the practice. Through the lens of this singular work, Kusaka is able to present herself as a modern day ceramicist who isn’t afraid to break some rules. 

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