14-Year-Old Scarlett Bella Song Shares Her Wisdom on How to Thrive in Various Industries

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Scarlett Bella Song is a Dallas-based multi-talented teen dancer, singer-songwriter, actress, print and runway fashion model, jewelry designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and teen mental health advocate. Last Summer, Scarlett joined hands with two of her teen cousins, 16-year-old music producer Alden Song and 14-year-old singer-songwriter Jalen Song to form an electronic dance music band called SONG!. The band is set to release their first original single, “Leave This One,” in late 2022 or early 2023. The actress will guest star in two episodes of the first season of a live-action streaming TV Series for kids and has subsequently been invited to become a series regular for season two. 

Scarlett is an accomplished dancer and a “one to watch” emerging artist in the entertainment and fashion industries. She has walked the runway at NYFW, been featured on several fashion magazine covers, and danced for music artists. 

As a jewelry designer, entrepreneur, kindness ambassador, and teen mental health advocate, Scarlett launched a teen jewelry line called Annie X Scarlett in collaboration with the brand Annie and Sisters in January 2022. They aim to encourage hope and spread happiness within the tween/teen community during the global pandemic. The teen AAPI role model is proud of her Korean heritage and mixed ethnic identity. The philanthropist also won an Inspiring Teen $1,000 scholarship for her fundraising efforts and performed in a three-day teen rock festival that raised $10,000 for kids in crisis in the US and Ukraine. 

Aside from all her achievements, Scarlett has overcome substantial adversity to attain her accomplishments. There are a lot of hidden obstacles to breaking into the highly competitive entertainment and fashion industries. She has learned to navigate a lot of resistance and has done so by maintaining her values and demonstrating respect, dignity, and kindness in the face of adversity. Scarlett achieves “results the right way” and acts as a role model for treating others with kindness.

Scarlett shares that the most powerful lesson she has learned is to embrace an abundance mindset. She shares that adopting this mindset evoked the law of attraction, where the right opportunities presented themselves to her at the right time. “With this attitude, I don’t get disrupted by what others are doing, and I realize there are sufficient opportunities for everyone. The more people embrace this philosophy, the sooner we can build a sustainable community where we celebrate each other’s successes," asserts Scarlett. This viewpoint has helped her to remain focused, positive, and connected to others. 

The successful youngster encourages fellow teens to focus on their inner peace and kindness to promote their mental health in the highly competitive entertainment and fashion industries. She also emphasizes the importance of teen entrepreneurship, philanthropy, AAPI representation, and training as an artist/athlete to those who aim to become professional dancers. 

The multi-hyphenated teen has so many plans for the future. She hopes to attend a top-tier college and continue flourishing as a dancer, actress, designer, entrepreneur, and human. She also hopes to land more high-profile opportunities, pursue more business ventures, get involved with more charitable causes, continue traveling the world, and forge more lasting friendships.

“In the distant future, I hope all of my accomplishments establish me as a thought leader who built a series of sustainable and profitable businesses that reflect my passion for entertainment, fashion, and design. I also hope to start a charitable foundation to give back and enrich the world,” Scarlett concludes.

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