BABA's 'Without You': A Melodic Tribute to the Power of Support

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BABA, the talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from India, is making waves on the international scene with his latest single, "Without You". With a rich, uplifting sound inspired by classic bands like The Beatles and modern artists like Coldplay, BABA's music is as colorful as it is meaningful.


"Without You" is a heartfelt ode to the importance of support from loved ones in achieving one's dreams. It delves into BABA's own journey as an artist, acknowledging the people who have believed in him and helped him reach where he is today. As BABA puts it, the song is about "how in order to reach the place I have dreamt of, I’d need my partner by my side and that I can’t do this alone." It's a universal sentiment that will surely resonate with many.


The accompanying music video is a masterful showcase of BABA's skills as a multi-instrumentalist. Directed by the artist himself and shot by a friend, Ishaan Vajpai, who is a Director of Photography, the video features a series of seamless transitions between different instruments, all played by BABA. It was shot in a single day in his studio, with an intense choreography routine to ensure the transitions were as smooth as possible.


BABA's journey as an artist started early. He wrote his first album at just 16 years old under the artist name "Gaia", and later released an album as "Flying Cupid" at age 19, which received critical acclaim from notable press outlets. Currently, he is associated with three projects - Baba, Baba & Co., and Flying Cupid, all of which have been gaining traction amongst listeners worldwide, from the USA to Japan.


With "Without You", BABA has crafted a moving and melodious tribute to the importance of support from loved ones in achieving one's dreams. It's a song that will surely resonate with many and serve as a reminder that no one can do it alone.


For more on BABA and his music, visit babaxmusic.com.


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