Alpha Fashionista, A New Luxury Brand of High-End Fedoras Celebrates Official Global Launch

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Alpha Fashionista, a new brand of premium fashionwear, including high-end fedoras and other streetwear, is celebrating its official global launch on March 17, 2023.


Founded in Highland Park, Los Angeles, co-founders Jay Love and Sonny Dotson are proudly celebrating this moment after setting off to create a revolutionary brand that would allow consumers a find self-confidence, express creativity, and embrace self-love. The companys line of high-end fedoras and other streetwear will do just that by putting an emphasis on identity with fun, stylish, and classy pieces that promise to go beyond just accessorizing.


Our goal is to inspire people to be bold and confident in their daily lives, remarked  Jay Love, Alpha Fashionistas Founder,and Creative Director. Confidence promotes success, and our pieces promise to deliver on that goal. Do you remember the last time you put on that amazing outfit before going out? Our pieces were designed with an understanding of that feeling and knowing that what people wear affects how they feel, express their confidence, and view themselves in the world, added Love.


Fedoras in the Alpha Fashionista line embrace a contemporary approach to design. Pieces in the high-end, ready-to-wear collection utilize the highest quality fabrics and materials and embrace a core commitment to excellent craftsmanship that helps bring different combinations of fabrics, materials, felts, and colored ribbons to life. Design inspirations have been drawn not just from the personal experiences and inspirations of Jay Love and Sonny Dodson, but from others around the world as well, including globally recognized stylists and designers such as Genis Whylan. 


After months of planning for this moment, we are excited to celebrate the official launch of Alpha Fashionista, added Love. Sonny and I recognized that there was an important place in the market for a brand like ours, and consumers demanded it. We have worked tirelessly to put our unique styles and experiences into Alpha Fashionistas fedora and streetwear collections so anyone can embrace daily confidence and acknowledge their inner creativity.



Since Alpha Fashionista was first announced, the brand has globally attracted positive reviews from consumers and fashion critics. The company has been prominently featured in publications such as NY Weekly and LA Weekly and earned attention from fashion stylists and designers as one of the hottest up-and-coming lifestyle and fashion brands this year. Consumers have been anxiously awaiting Alpha Fashionistas launch, with thousands expected to place orders over the coming days to join the brands global movement of inspiring confidence and success through high-end fashion. 


To learn more about the brand and its collection of fedoras and streetwear, please visit AlphaFashionista.com, or connect with the brand on Instagram @Alpha.Fashionista to browse some of the latest stylesprices for pieces in the collection range from $250 to $750.




MODEL: Doyin Doc Adewole


PHOTO: Yvel Love




STUDIO: Sunset Estate

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