Living the Dream: Alexandre Mourreau's Pursuit of Passion and Success

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Image Courtesy: Devrai Samba

Persistence and patience are qualities often overlooked when it comes to achieving  success and popularity, especially when fueled by passion. More often than not,  people experience a sudden stroke of success, only to falter shortly thereafter.  Alexandre Mourreau is a prime example of someone who has taken the road less  traveled and has been rewarded for his choices. However, his success is not merely  a stroke of luck, but is the result of his relentless pursuit of his passion. 

Alexandre is well-known in the world of supercars, watches, and art. He has  garnered immense popularity on social media platforms and has collaborated with  numerous luxury brands including Bugatti and Jacob & Co. But his fame was not  handed to him on a silver platter—he has worked tirelessly to earn every ounce of  success that he enjoys today.

In addition to his passion for supercars, Alexandre is also a co-founder of Future  Photography, a media company offering professional photo and video services to private and corporate clients. Future Photography collaborates with top brands  worldwide and recently expanded its services to include website development,  online brand management, and more via one of its partners. 

Before Alexandre made a name for himself in the world of supercars, he  experimented in various fields, from serving in administrative and supporting roles  at supercar events to starting media and events companies. This versatile  experience in different domains might have prepared him for the road ahead, but it  is no surprise that he ended up in the world of supercars, given his deep-rooted  passion for them. In many of his business experiences, Alexandre always found a  way to incorporate supercars to be close to them and to work with his passion. 

Alexandre's biggest achievement has been in the real estate business, primarily in  Switzerland and France, and he plans to expand his investments to Dubai. As Steve  Jobs once said, “You can never connect dots looking forward, you can only  connect them by looking backward.” Alexandre picked up skills, experiences, and  life lessons from every opportunity that came his way, paving the way for his  success today. He’s also always working, and when he’s not, you will find him  studying different markets—especially via the internet—to seize every  opportunity. 

Apart from supercars, Alexandre is also an avid art and watch collector. He has  amassed an impressive collection of unique and incredible pieces over time and  enjoys sharing his passion with others. 

Alexandre's love for art is also reflected in the way he participates in and organizes  art events. His collaboration with Alec Monopoly, in which the artist tagged and  painted Alexandre's Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in front of more than 1,000  people during a live show at one of Geneva's biggest galleries, was a rare event  that created a lot of buzz in the industry. 

Alexandre continues to open new doors and grind his way to the top: He understands the importance of working hard even after achieving success. To keep track of his journey or stay updated on the latest news in the world of supercars, connect with him on Instagram.

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Alexandre Mourreau