15 Questions with Alessandra de Tomaso Founder and director of internationally acclaimed agency ALESSANDRA DE TOMASO PR

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Rhiyen Sharp

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Photographed by Moja. Glam by Amir Sdiri

We got a chance to sit down with Founder and director of the London based PR agency that bears her name, ALESSANDRA DE TOMASO PR, the agency that is taking by storm

all the star studded red carpets

Alessandra mixes her innate business acumen with her experience in the fashion industry, to create memorable collaborations for her portfolio of clients.

Half Italian, half Argentinian, she distinguishes herself through her passionate and intuitive nature, Coupled with a strong work ethic and an “anything is possible” attitude, she managed, in a short period of time, to grow her network of clients brands such as Giuseppe Zanotti, Charlotte Tilbury, Campari, Kiko Milano, Pandora, Desigual, but also big fashion groups like Luisaviaroma, YOOX, Net-a-porter, The Richemont Group. Her network includes talents as Adriana Lima, Irina Shayk,

Oscars nominee Angela Bassett, Rita Ora, Winnie Harlow, etc…

R.S. What is the agency specialised in? 

A.D.T. Our main focus is celebrity PR, influencer marketing, digital activations and events. We match brands with talents that are in line with their DNA, while fully outsourcing the whole process for them. From concept proposal, to budgeting, to the actual production, we offer a transparent and complete hands off service.

R.S. In which way does your agency stand out? 

A.D.T. I had to learn how to think outside the box in an overcrowded industry, so in order to be more efficient and competitive, I offered an end-to-end service while creating unique tailor made strategies. Our clients basically outsource anentire department, and we manage to achieve our goals fast, effectively, and on a tighter budget than an in-house team.

R.S. How did you start your journey in the fashion industry?

A.D.T. I was a fashion designer until six years ago. I studied fashion, which is what I always loved since a very early age, but after passing from one brand to another, I decided to start my own brand. It started incredibly well, but reaching financial stability with a young brand was quite challenging and I had to eventually close it after three years. It was hard, painful and a tough life lesson that motivated me to expand my vision of success.

R.S. How did you start the agency? 

A.D.T. It feels like a hundred years ago now. I started freelancing at first, consulting for brands, it was a long journey, with a lot of doors slammed in my face and many disheartening moments, but I always reminded myself that failure was not an option, so I just kept pushing forward. I was also lucky to have connections at the Venice Film Festival and that’s when the magic really happened, I understood I had found my niche as it was a perfect match for me. I’ve been doing red carpets ever since and we quickly grew into a household name within the European celebrity PR industry.

R.S. What was your first milestone? 

A.D.T. We rapidly expanded into America, covering that market as well, which was an objective for me, as we can now offer a global service.

R.S. Has it been a slow or intense ride until now?

A.D.T. It’s been quite intense until now, but I’ve built a team that I’m both proud of and grateful for, and together we managed some pretty impossible situations. I’m humbled to say that we are growing at an unexpected rate, we’re right now inching closer to our first million in revenue, everything is happening quite fast. I’m definitely having a pinch me moment!

R.S. What is your biggest satisfaction? 

A.D.T. Well, there are clients that I really wanted to work with when I first started and wouldn’t have imagined that in such a short period of time I would be managing their PR budgets, so I have to say that that’s pretty rewarding.

R.S. What is the agency’s motto?

A.D.T. We always make the impossible possible.

R.S. What are your rules in life?

A.D.T.  1. Never take no for an answer. With the right mindset it can always

turn into a yes. 

2. Always go out of your comfort zone, that’s the only way to grow. 

3. Never dismiss something too quickly, always look at things from multiple perspectives. 

4. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

5. Always listen to your gut, your intuition is never wrong.

R.S. Who are the 3 people you wish to work with?

A.D.T. Edward Enninful, Carine Roitfeld, Kim Kardashian.

R.S. Who are the women you look up to?

A.D.T. Margaret Thatcher, Cher, Coco Chanel.

R.S. How would you define your style?

A.D.T.  I’m punk at heart, but I like to make it glamorous. I would say: sexy, gothish, irreverent, glamorous.

R.S. What are your top three skills? 

A.D.T. Open minded, reliable, honest.

R.S. Three adjectives to describe yourself? 

A.D.T. Passionate, flamboyant, funny.

R.S. Can you recount one crazy but funny situation?

A.D.T. We once had a placement on a talent at the Cannes Film Festival, and right before going out for the photo ops we understood that the mesh dress we had chosen for her was too revealing for her breasts. Since giving up is not part of our vocabulary I had to come up with a solution in less than 10 minutes or we would have missed the whole red carpet. Looking around the room I noticed a fruit knife that I used to cut some of the flowers embroidered on the lowers part of her couture dress that I glued, as chic nipple pads, to her mesh dress. Not having enough time for the glue to dry, we left the room with my hands on her breasts, applying pressure on the pads, an assistant covering us from the paparazzi and our talent acting as if all this was just so normal, a total professional. One for the books!

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