Adom: Fashion and Music - A Playbook of Diversity, Self-Worth, and Shared Humanity

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photo supplied by Adom

From his humble beginnings to his current exploration of human emotions in the ever-changing music landscape, Adom's artistry is a dynamic blend of music and fashion creating a unique identity that resonates with audiences. Adom, the talented musician and singer is begining to gain fans worldwide, 

A Fascination with Music and Fashion

From a young age, Adom's fascination with both music and fashion became evident. Even as a child, he dreamt of breaking boundaries in both realms and saw them as interconnected avenues for artistic expression. As he embarked on his music career, he nurtured a parallel interest in modeling, recognizing how the two worlds complemented each other in his quest to become a bona fide pop artist.


Breaking into the Modeling World

Adom's journey into the modeling world began when he became the face of Famous Vodka, starring in a national campaign. This venture marked his debut in the modeling industry, and it opened up new opportunities for him to explore and embrace his creative ambitions. The experience not only provided Adom with exposure but also reinforced his belief that music and fashion are interconnected in the realm of artistic expression.

photo supplied by Adom


A New Dimension in Music

As his music career flourished, landing three songs in the Billboard Top 100, Adom ventured into uncharted territory, exploring profound truths and human emotions in the ever-changing music industry. His latest single, "Bones," is a testament to his artistic evolution. The song features a captivating cameo appearance by Model and Actress Carrie Louise Putrello, best known for her role as Martha Wayne in the 2019 movie "Joker." The track is a finely crafted dance anthem.


Embracing Diversity and Self-Worth

In the music video for "Bones," Adom delves into the concept of diversity and the shared human experience. The visuals celebrate the unique appearance of individuals while emphasizing the universality of emotions and struggles faced by everyone. Adom's music touches on the essence of self-worth, conveying the message that finding happiness is intrinsically tied to recognizing one's own value.This is a playbook in his own experience in life.


photo supplied by Adom

A Playbook of Life Experience

The music video for "Bones" was a testament to Adom’s journey, a playbook derived from his life experiences. It demonstrated his belief in embracing diversity and self-worth's significance. With each frame, the video unraveled the fabric of humanity, intertwining the stories of people from all walks of life. It became a visual symphony of shared struggles, joys, and the ultimate quest for inner peace.

Music with a Purpose

In conversation with Adom, he expressed his strategic approach to releasing music with a purpose. Adom opts for singles instead of full albums; each track carries a message close to his heart. With "Bones" leading the charge, Adom's upcoming singles, "Don't Give Up," "Diamonds," and "Easier for Breathing" (featuring David Letterman's longtime drummer, Anton Fig), promise to be powerful anthems of this generation. Like chapters in a playbook, these songs will continue to inspire listeners with their depth and meaning.


Join Adom's Artistic Odyssey

Adom's artistic odyssey knows no bounds as he continues to intertwine music and fashion into a captivating tapestry. His journey has invited all to join, celebrating the beauty of diversity, the exploration of self-worth, and the unity in shared human emotions. With every beat, Adom's music echoes a profound message - happiness lies within, and true fulfillment can only be found through embracing our unique selves.


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