Teens in Jeans in Cap Ferret

by Louis Canadas


Zoe, 19, she tell us she is totally not surprise we ask her to pose.


Charlotte, 18, she was with a strict and rigorous dad, in a middle of packing the trunk, 10 last minute before the end of her vacancy.


Chlotide, 15, chills with eight crazy hyper active little brother and co, run it like a real mom.


Canelle, 19, her favorite summer hobbie? put some wax on surfer’s board.


Louis and Jeanne, 15 and 16, they poses front the gate of Pascal Obispo villa, biggest asshole of French music, cool to see they don’t give a fuck about this fact.


Luna, 15, shy and curious, she call mom to ask her if she can.


Clarisse, 16, sometime, gothic people go to vacancy to wear color.


Olga, 18, too much nice to say no.

Teens in Jeans in Cap Ferret

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