I Like Those Things

by flaunt

A Slice of L.A. Womenswear


Rosetta Getty

Rosetta Getty’s career in fashion began early, with her modeling from the age of fourteen. She has since gone on to become a taste-maker in the world of cultured Hollywood glamour. Her first collection was in high-end children’s wear, with her Rosetta Millington label, before creating the eveningwear and couture brand Riser Goodwyn. Her namesake label launched in 2014 and uses sumptuous materials and fabrics to create an elegant, modern wardrobe for the intelligent, artistic woman. She is stocked in many of the best boutiques internationally, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Harvey Nichols. 

Your collections tend to embrace a wide variety of fabrics and textures. Where do you source your materials?

We have worked with mills from Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Japan, and India. It’s fun and exciting to see the way technology evolves and makes them more specialized. Every season I return to some key fabrics that have become foundational to the brand identity. For example, I always include one beautiful, drapey satin. Weave, technical construction, and hand are all important components. I pay close attention to finishing and incorporate double face splittable fabrics into all collections. Functionality is also essential so I balance more sophisticated fabrics with basics like cotton poplin and casual stretch suitings. I’m always working to find an unusual, modern approach to traditional fabrics.

What has kept you in Los Angeles? What inspires you about the city?

I’ve stayed in L.A. because it feels like home. I grew up here and it’s where I raised my four children. I’m inspired by the creative moment L.A. is having right now with art and fashion. I feel lucky to live here and be a part of that.

 What are your most important rituals during your workday?

I always take time to meditate. Also, I drink lots of tea. It’s the simple things that feel most important to me.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing to wear on a day off?

I love tunics for easy dressing. The cotton poplin diamond knot tunic shirt from S/S15 is my current favorite. I wore it throughout my vacation in Italy this summer. Anything that reflects my personal style while still remaining functional is attractive to me in my downtime.


Zaid Affas

Hailing from Britain, Central Saint Martins graduate Zaid Affas’ star is migrating swiftly to the firmament. Affas relocated to Los Angeles, and launched his eponymous brand in 2014 after stints with labels including Ports 1961, and Polo Ralph Lauren. His elegant modern designs couple sharp tailoring with strong shapes and graceful architectural lines. His new collection is highly covetable and employs a rich variety of fabrics.

What brought you to L.A. and what is it about the city that inspires you?

A career opportunity at the time brought me to L.A. from New York City. It was an interesting experience that led me to begin consulting for several brands worldwide yet maintaining my base in L.A.

The light in L.A. is always inspiring, the mixture of nature with great examples of modern architecture in clear light. I also find people in L.A. inspiring as they are extremely open to new ideas and are forward thinking, it’s very freeing.

You worked at Polo Ralph Lauren for over five years. How was that experience, and how did it influence your approach to design—especially given how different the aesthetic of your collection is to Polo?

It really was a great learning experience. I fully learned how to develop a brand and lifestyle, to build a world starting in design to the end experience within a flagship store. It’s very important of a designer brand to know who and what they are, and know exactly how to project that. I don’t think in regards to the pure exercise of design and design ideas it influences me, but working there, and being exposed to a wealth of garments from so many different eras was an invaluable experience. You need to know the past, the tradition of how and why clothing is designed in a specific way to be able to design new things for the future.

Have you ever given yourself a fashion-related injury? Was it worth it? 

A lot, and yes.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An architect.

How many seasons have you been designing womenswear for? 

Too many for others, not enough for myself.

What are your most important rituals during your workday?

Clearing my desk after completing each project/task, and before starting the next.



Cerre was founded in 2005 by married duo Clayton and Flavie Webster. Their leather work has been highly praised, and their edgy jackets and stylish bags adorned Rooney Mara in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Based in Los Angeles where they have their own boutique, Cerre’s collections combine French elegance with effortless Californian style. Flavie Webster answered our questions.  

You’re especially known for your work with leather. What is it about this material that draws you to it?

The history of the material and the fact that it is classic. I am also very sensitive to the touch and the smell of leather so it all made sense for me. It always felt familiar.

What has kept you in Los Angeles? What inspires you about the city?

Really: the lifestyle. I also like all the different types of people, the landscapes, and of course the weather. California and Los Angeles have a special way to inspire. So many people create here and you can get weird. For me it’s a very contradictory place compared to France—and I love contradictions.

What’s your favorite tool in your studio? 

My electronic eraser, it was a gift and I seriously love it.

If you could change one thing about Los Angeles, what would it be? 

The proximity, it’s very far from my family and Europe in general.

At what time of day are you most creative? 

When I sleep, I create in my dreams.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing to wear on a day off? 

My swimsuit, because it means we are going to the beach!


Catherine Quin

Catherine Quin is an L.A.-based British designer. Beginning her career as a lawyer working in London, Quin moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to gain experience with Vena Cava. Working exclusively in black, her debut 2015 collections have championed simple, graceful designs. 

Your aesthetic has its roots in both London and Los Angeles. What from these cities shapes your minimalist approach to design?

My minimalist approach is shaped by both my surroundings and my personal experience of bridging life between L.A. and London. The constant travel and contrasting climates inform the pared back aesthetic and my desire to create a versatile and pragmatic collection that transcends occasion, weather, and culture.

I love the contrast of the clean, black silhouettes of my collection with the sunshine and blue skies of L.A. Equally, the collection’s sleekness and functionality works well with the urban and often industrial environment of London. Ensuring my designs can be worn as easily in L.A. as they are in London informs my approach to each new season.

What has kept you in Los Angeles? What inspires you about the city?

I love the lifestyle L.A. affords. I live surrounded by nature in the hills, with two walls of windows overlooking the city. The isolation gives me the time and space to be creative and enables me to develop my own vision, uninterrupted.

Architecture is a significant part of the L.A. experience and one of my biggest influences. From the mid century homes of Richard Neutra to the minimalist landmarks such as Richard Meier’s Getty Center I’m constantly inspired by L.A.’s eclectic architectural landscape.

At what time of day are you most creative?

Between 12 AM and 2 AM when the rest of the world goes quiet.

What’s your favorite haunt for lunch close to your studio?

The taco trucks downtown.


Aliona Kononova

Aliona Konovova produces distinctive avant garde designs that playfully match color and shape, with timeless elegance. After graduating from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, the Russian designer completed an internship with Salvatore Ferragamo, before heading up the creative office at Denis Simachev in Milan. In 2009 she launched the brand MOË Aliona Kononova, and in 2013 she moved to Los Angeles. Kononova was the winner of Stephen Jones’ millinery competition in 2011 with her incredible dandelion hat. 

What brought you to L.A. and what is it about the city that inspires you?

I was coming back and forth for the last couple of years, but now I can say I am officially based here. I feel it’s a very special time for L.A. The concentration of creative people is very high. The art community is thriving, world famous designers started to come to L.A. to show their collections. Inspiration is in the air.

Your designs are often very whimsical and fun. Do you think people take fashion too seriously?

There are two sides of fashion for me. One side is a creative process; developing new shapes, drawing, cutting and experimenting with materials. It is a lot of fun and I want to share this emotion with customers.

On the other side there are the production, sales, and marketing that actually make the fashion brand work. It’s a big and complex machine that doesn’t give second chances.

Have you ever given yourself a fashion related injury? Was it worth it?

My first fashion injury was during an unforgettable experience at Stephen Jones in London while I was learning millinery; I have never thought that blocking a hat is hard physical labor. My hands were scratched all over and I got burned, but an ability to create that beauty was definitely worth it!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I dreamt of being a surgeon. Growing up, I was changing the eyes in my toys, cutting, and completely remodeling them. Now I understand those were my first attempts in designing and pattern making.

What are your most important rituals during your workday?

One of my favorite rituals is fitting with dolls. Every time I have an idea, I create a little garment just to see how it drapes; it’s much easier for me to think in three dimensions.


Raquel Allegra

Born in Berkeley, CA to artisan parents, Allegra’s career has embraced highly original designs including experiments with oversized vintage Ts recycled from the Los Angeles County Prison System. Her label is currently stocked in over 200 boutiques internationally, including Barneys New York, and Liberty of London.

Your collection embodies a real Californian vibe; describe your California and why it’s a magical place. How does it inspire you?

“My California” embodies a childhood spent in our vegetable garden wearing Nasturtium garlands in my hair, eating fresh-picked salads with my hands—warm tomatoes from the vine with a pinch of salt. It was perfect, earthly simplicity. I think my collection has a similar simplicity to it, simple shapes, humble and classic fabrics washed and softened that feel like “home.”  I design for women who just like me want to be comfortable and casual yet chic.

Your work is both designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. What keeps you in this city?

I am pretty sure that I couldn’t do what I do anywhere but Los Angeles. My creative process is very “hands on” and collaborative. From the very beginning, nine years ago, I started working with a tie-dye artist who has been the passionate technical side of my tie-dye development. I’ve followed him from one dye house to another so as long as he is in Los Angeles I will be here.

How many seasons have you been designing womenswear for?


What other designers have you worked for?

None. I just make it up as I go!

Would you rather have pineapples for hands, or only be able to eat nothing but pineapple for the rest of your life?

I am allergic to pineapples.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing to wear on a day off?

My riding jodhpurs.

Photographer: Olivia Malone for BrydgesMackinney.com.

Fashion Director: Mui-Hai Chu.

Stylist: Leah Henken at LeahHenken.com.

Model: Leila for Next Models.com, Los Angeles.

Hair: Sylvia Wheeler for AtelierManagement.com using R+Co.

Makeup: Diane da Silva for AtelierManagement.com.

Manicure: Stephanie Stone for NailingHollywood.com using Tom Ford in Black Jade.

Retouching: Jay Oligny.