I’ll Be Mother, You Be My Baby

by flaunt

The Drought, the Swimming Hole, and Flakka

The state of the world having proven itself no longer palatable on this day in late summer, Anita, Maria, Miriam, and Gillian sojourned for afternoon tea by the warm current of the 101 freeway (northbound) to collect themselves and revive their spirits. On the menu, courtesy the Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills and a rogue tea trader:


Cucumber, Dill
Egg, Dijon, Watercress
Camembert, Tomato, Pesto
House Smoked Salmon, Caper
Curried Chicken, Marcona Almond Raisin Compote


Lemon Linzer Torte
Rum Raisin Madeleine
Disaronno Originale Petit Gâteau
Blood Orange Tart
Cassis Macaron


Traditional and Currant Scones
House Made Seasonal Preserves
Lemon Curd, Devonshire Cream
Strawberries and Cream


HAND-ROLLED CEYLON plucked by seventeen octogenarians at midday, meticulously rolled by unknown apparatus.
CORNISH EARL GREY grown in a walled garden, hand-scented with real petrol!
SECOND FLUSH MUSCATEL DARJEELING from untouched, virgin forest, guarded by tigers, the aroma is heady and fruitless.


Director: Adam Powell at Adam-powell.com.

Director of Photography: Todd Heater at Toddheater.com.

Stylist: Timothy Chernyaev at Timothychernyaev.com.

Prop Stylist: Sonja Kroop at Sonjakroop.com.

Models: Anita, Gillian, and Miriam at Freedommodels.com, Los Angeles and Maria Eugenia at Nextmanagement.com, Los Angeles.

Hair: Amber Kerns for Opusbeauty.com.

Makeup: Elie Maalouf for Jedroot.com.

Casting Director: Linda Nyvltova.

Afternoon Tea Courtesy the Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills.

Location: The Echo Park Shallow Pool, Los Angeles.