(NSFW) Flaming Hots With Coneja

by flaunt

Photography: Josef Jasso @JosefJassoPhoto
Model: Conjea Pacheco @C0neja
Wardrobe Styling: Erik Ziemba @ErikZiemba
Make Up: Ady Sanchez-Macarty @lolitaleonmusic
Hair: Kristian Munoz @xtianmakeupandhair
Nails: Patty Garcia @rebelgrlnails
Recognized by her Playboy smile, Coneja is our Morticia muse incarnate. We love her pouty plum-lined lips and even-gapped teeth. Josef Jasso met with the artist/model/director hyphenate one rare rainy day in Los Angeles. They shared some Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Diet Coke, and some Q&A.


Shooting with you recently was probably one of the coolest days I’ve had on set in a while.  I could tell that you’re authentic and had a clear idea of who you are from the moment we starting. This probably explains why a lot of people love your Instagram. What kind of words would you think you would use to describe yourself?

A few words to describe myself...I. DO. NOT. GIVE. A. SHIT.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 20.57.41

Your image is super great.  Instantly everyone else on set was really elated to shoot your lips and teeth cause they are such distinct features. That’s why the name Coneja (Rabbit in Spanish) is perfect for you. How do you feel about the way you look?

I grew up not really fond of how I look, I was a pretty insecure kid. I was like 60 pounds overweight; almost a foot taller than everyone else in my class and my gapped teeth were a joke of choice amongst my peers. But now the things that I hated as a kid are my favorites. I LOVE my teeth, a lot of people still poke fun on the internet but I don’t give a shit. I'm not a fan of looking like everyone else. It gets sooooo boring looking at the same carbon copies of what the world thinks is beautiful.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 20.57.14

Not only do you model but you're a video director as well, and a really amazing one at that! Tell us more about your video work? What have you done and what’s next?

I began doing music videos for friends, now I’m beginning to branch out. I’m experimenting more with disturbing material that I find both beautiful and dark. As an artist I am trying to break through the safe and cause a stir in people. That is my ultimate goal, to create magic while having people feel disturbed and question everything. I also recently got a new vhs cam corder and have been planning to make a series of shorts with it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 21.08.57

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 21.09.07

Lastly, Inspiration can come from anything. I always seem to being finding it a lot lately in the ways that people behave when they think that people aren’t watching. But tell us what inspires you? What elevates your mind?

I get A LOT of inspiration from the idea of a black widow. A female assassin, a gorgeous dark eyed, dark lipped big hair woman who knows her way around a machete. I've always been obsessed with the idea of a bad ass lady. I’m pretty sure this stems, from the way I was raised. I’m lucky to have a really strong female figure in my life. My mother raised us on her own, making paper while still keeping her bleached roots, hair and eyelash extensions, all her baby pink strappy heels, and tan up to par. Even from my earliest art days, the only subjects I chose to draw were always a busty, big blond hair, lady killers. I would draw these tiny figurines that always looked like a cross between Pamela Anderson and Rambo, always equipped with TONS of weapons.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 21.09.17

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