AllSaints A/W ’16 Lookbooks Drop Today

by Ashley Reynolds


AllSaints A/W ’16 Lookbooks Drop Today

Featuring a gallery of exclusive imagery of the new collections shot street-style in Tokyo

Dropping online today, AllSaints women’s and men’s Autumn 2016 lookbooks are extremely reminiscent of the Japanese street-style culture. ‘Remote Control’ was presented as a part of Toyko Fashion Week, and plays with the juxtaposition between the sexes. Pairings of feminine silk dresses with the edginess of biker jackets can be found in the women’s collection, adding both warm and cool characteristics to bring balance to the final presentation; And in the men’s collection, hyper-masculine pieces are toned down nicely with touches of silk and muted hues.

AllSaints disguised the clashing of patterns effortlessly, keeping all looks uncomplicatedly chic. Women wearing oversized pieces find their waistlines when accented with the perfect, simplistic belt. Men layer wool-patterned sweaters with silk blouses, closing the look with basic black boots. The collection’s style isn’t out of reach for the more common folk, and can naturally fit into everyday.

The not-so-obvious combo of silk socks and dark booties brings a new level of “trying, but not trying” to the get-ups. AllSaints does this seamlessly, adding another focal point for outfit gazers to eyeball. Keeping it casual, the designer bags also play a role in adding another dimension to the finished looks. The stark totes, book bags and clutches are complimentary parts of each look, instead of robust statement pieces—keeping with the collections industrial, yet uncluttered theme.

Click through for exclusive imagery of the new collections photographed in Tokyo.