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Following April’s first half of The Destroyer, TR/ST is following up with the second half of the LP, The Destroyer — Part 2. Rooted in Robert Alfons, the ever-changing musical project was originally a duo. Bandmate Maya Postepski’s departure in 2014 led Alfons to pursue TR/ST as a solo project. However, five years later, Alfons and Postepski have reunited to collaborate on The Destroyer, on which Postepski co-wrote and co-produced the first volume, as well as “Slow Burn” from the highly-anticipated second half, slated for release November 1, 2019.

Flaunt is pleased to premiere “Destroyer” from The Destroyer — Part 2. The dark-wave electro pop is well matched by Alfons’ soothing vocals. The moody lyrics juxtaposed with the turgid melody of “Destroyer” are indicative of what’s to come on the rest of the album, a clear temporal departure from the first half of the LP. Alfons, who spent the past five years re-working the tracks on Destroyer considers this project his greatest creative risk to date.

“Writing the title track for the album was such a pivotal moment in that it unleashed a whole new direction for the project and really shaped how the rest of the album would be produced,” he told Flaunt.

Check out the title track from The Destroyer — Part 2 along with an interview as well as upcoming tour dates below.

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This is the title track off your double LP "The Destroyer" - And also your most accessible track on the the record. What is the inspiration for naming the record and what does the song mean to you in this context?

I think this first line of the song, - destroyer of everyone - came from this very immature place of isolation and self destruction. but at the same time that realization is about a sort of new understanding and rebirth, destroying old ways. On a purely sonic level, I did want to challenge myself to write a more direct song, to not give in to the multiple chord changes and parts which I tend to gravitate towards, to not obscure the intention. so this was an experiment for me, even though you may describe it as the most accessible.

It's extremely admirable to put a double LP out in 2019. Why did you decide to do this and is what is the conceptual difference between the two.

You know every song on this record is important to me and I felt like they needed to be presented here. So it was a matter of figuring out how to put out 16 songs but still giving all the songs the proper attention that I felt they deserved. The second half is definitely more moody and atmospheric and emotional.

You've stated that "The Destroyer" was "such a pivotal moment in that it unleashed a whole new direction", Where did this new direction lead you to? and how has this new direction been different from your previous work?

I think this song gave me confidence to lean towards a more atmospheric and even more emotionally direct approach. Part 2 is comprised of many songs that I wouldn't describe as dance music, which this project has become so known for. There was a lot of experimentation to get this right, many of these songs were produced multiple times. In many cases it was the vocal take, the piano quality, the edit of the song itself, but these songs were so special and I could see the end result so it was so integral to find a solution.

Tour Dates:

28 Sept Mexico City, MX - CMD_F

31 Oct San Diego, CA -The Observatory North Park

1 Nov Los Angeles, CA - The Novo

3 Nov Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall

4 Nov Santa Fe, NM - Meow Wolf

6 Nov San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger

8 Nov Houston,TX - White Oak Music Hall Downstairs

9 Nov Austin, TX - Levitation

11 Nov Atlanta, GA - Terminal West

12 Nov Durham, NC -  Motorco Music Hall

13 Nov Baltimore, MD - Ottobar

15 Nov Maspeth, NY - Knockdown Center


20 Nov London - Heaven

21 Nov Brussels - Botanique

23 Nov Bern - Saint Ghetto

24 Nov Paris - Le Trianon

26 Nov Amsterdam - Paradiso Noord