by flaunt

Written by Suzanne Somers

I’ve written many books about “the new way to age” and it is crystal clear why people dread aging.

Look at the present paradigm; it’s decrepit, frail, and disease ridden with Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, or all three as “inevitable.” Add to that the eventual last stop being a nursing home, and we see a picture so horrific no wonder people reject the whole idea.

So no one makes a plan. We wipe the thought from our minds with fingers crossed.

Technology has allowed us a longer life through MRIs, CAT scans, sophisticated blood tests, antibiotics, and even advancements such as sewage systems have controlled disease outbreaks thereby extending life, but no one has thought about quality in these extra years. What good are more years with a body or brain that is not functioning? Doesn’t it make more sense to start taking steps early on to take control of your health to ensure long life with quality?

You have to make a plan.

Cancer 15 years ago became my gift, the ultimate wake-up call to examine my lifestyle and dietary habits, and I vowed to use this disease like judo; using forward energy to win.

The earlier you commit to making health a priority the more likely it is you will have a better outcome.

On today’s planet, the odds are against us. We are under the greatest environmental assault in the history of humanity. What you eat does matter, what you put on your skin, what you choose for household cleaners, what makeup you use everyday does matter. To not take these choices seriously moves you towards the present dreadful experience of aging.

But what if aging instead could be a magnificent experience, having strong bones and a brain operating on all cylinders, allowing access to the greatest of all gifts, which is our wisdom and perspective?

Aging is about worn out parts. The body has a “language.” It talks to us all the time, yet the present allopathic approach is to wait until the parts are broken before we take reparative action. Listen to your racing heart, or your joint pain, or your forgetfulness that you write off as “senior moments.” This is the body talking/screaming for help, yet we go deaf and race to the medicine cabinet for a band-aid solution.

Aging is an eventuality. If you “put back” what you’ve lost in the aging process before you hit the wall, whether it’s bioidentical hormones (the “juice of youth”), or restoration of missing minerals and vitamins, or programing happiness by choosing to think positive thoughts and live with gratitude, you are taking charge of your fate.

Health is the greatest of all gifts. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones to have heard the words, “you have cancer” early on to jolt me into action.

I chose to win. I decided to eat as though my life depended upon it, I chose to value sleep, and live in the present with gratitude and love. Committing to these choices has changed my life. Every day is a happy one. I am in superb health, I do not require any pharmaceuticals, I have worked at having great love in my life and I am grateful.

I am 68 years old with youthful energy. I have wisdom, I am a productive member of society, not a drain, and because I am clear minded, I am able as our family matriarch to project the possibilities of long life with great health. I want my children to want what I have.

Life is what you make it. You are in control.

It’s not the problems in your life that define who you are, but how you respond to the problems in your life that that defines who you are as a person. Life requires a plan. It’s up to you to make it all that you have dreamed. Take charge, be happy, choose health. There is such a huge payoff!