All Our Sweat Combined

by flaunt

Toasting the season with Neuw Denim at Breakroom 86
This past Friday at Break Room 86 we gathered with Neuw Denim to celebrate their US Launch and toast the summer, and then we toasted youth, and we toasted ourselves, and we toasted the excellent Nicolas Hoult who wore the Neuw Denim leather Perfecto jacket on the cover of the Summer Camp Issue, and then we continued toasting, because why not?

Absolut Elyx once again cleansed our palates with a smorgasbord of delightful cocktails showcasing the season's bounty. After taking some zoopraxic selfies coutresy Fox Tales and some dips on the dance floor to the beats of Angela Ratzlaff, Mariana Timony of Lo-Pie, and Christina Gubala, we quenched our thirst with some Tiger Beer before letting our rocker locks fly with a set by Criminal Hygiene. Fleetmac Wood made us cool again, so we grooved on into the night like a white winged dove.

But there is no rest for the slingers of ink, there's a tectonic shift coming... London and L.A. will collide.