by flaunt

L.A.-based charity The Art of Elysium celebrate their 20th anniversary, and launch an innovative video streaming service


The Art of Elysium is a storied L.A. institution that for 20 years has connected artists, actors, and musicians with underprivileged elements of the community via programs that connect the arts to places like homeless shelters, hospices, elderly care homes, education centers, prisons, and hospitals.

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, and the 30,000 people whose lives the organization enriches each year, The Art of Elysium has created an online video streaming platform – Elysium Bandini Studios (EBS) – of exclusive content created via a facilitated connection between emerging filmmakers and top-tier Hollywood talent.

The service can be subscribed to for $10 monthly, or $100 annually, and all profits will go to supporting the Art of Elysium’s mission.

For the launch of the platform, the Art of Elysium held their 10th Annual Black Tie Artistic Experience, “Heaven” at Red Studios in Los Angeles. Here Jennifer Howell, James Franco, and Vince Jolivette kicked off EBS with 10 videos inspired by Stevie Wonder’s vision of Heaven.

Each video can be watched, and the service subscribed to, at

Written by Barry Ziz