No More I Love Ewes

by flaunt


Hello Darling, It's Me, Your Weekly Revelations.


A figure reclined on a light-soaked plinth just above your grasp, unclear whether she is beginning her ascent into a new world or her descent into an unknown depth; a small boat propped up by a urinating man, his primal act discernable but not without effort; and finally, the figure of our own daughter, at the moment of her long-awaited return home, displaying a mess of emotions that we are incapable of untangling. These are the images that will bleed into each other to create a challenging and immersive psychological environment for the spectator’s of Kristian Burford’s new exhibit at the Samuel Freeman Gallery in the Culver City Arts District. Opening on September 11th, the show will no doubt be a testament Burford’s uncanny ability to use the human form in a way that evokes anything but the familiar.


Mykki Blanco’s new imprint Dogfood Music Group is putting out its debut project C-ORE on September 18th, and Blanco has just dropped the first song on the record performed by the artist herself. Let us forewarn you, this track will enter your universe like a fiery comet of nasty gutter trash ejected from some Afro-futurist Metropolis to which you are not worthy of invite. The song is composed in equal parts of heavily-swung lyrical pendulums slicing their way around industrial beats, and a gritty arpeggiated bass that will make you want to throw your Human League vinyl straight into the trash can and apply for Blanco’s alien one. LIsten (at your own risk) on Soundcloud.


If there are two architects you can name, we’re betting they're Frank Lloyd Wright, and Frank Gehry. Out of the two Franks, the latter—now closing in on 90—is still dreaming and scheming (currently designing the national Dwight D. Eisenhower memorial) and about to have an exhibition of his work premiere at LACMA. From September 13–March 20, more than 200 of his drawings and 65 of his models will be shown, providing a panoramic view of his entire career from the '60s up to present day. So, if you're looking to climb around inside the head of a genius John Malkovich-style, this is probably the closest you're going to get.


The former '90s punk band Bikini Kill—who pioneered the riot grrrl movement—has raised another track from the dead and unleashed it on the public. The track, entitled "Ocean Song" and available via SoundCloud, is a glorious testament to biting guitar and vocals, as well as the feminist angst that oozes from the band's masterful and monstrous body of work.


Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci is making headlines again for opening his New York Fashion Week presentation to the public. About 1,200 tickets are available to anyone who has access to the interwebz and the physical means to click buttons. Tickets for Givenchy’s September 11th show are still up for grabs at Location TBA.


If you enjoy bedroom pop music that takes a parasitic approach to your body, infesting it with groove and forcing it to move without any clear destination, look into the song "Break" by Party Nails. Although it's hard to find information on this band, if they keep turning out tracks like this, they're bound to get big and fast (especially if they are actually feeding off of the power generated from our collective dance moves).


Legendary performer Grace Jone is back with a vengeance. September brings us both the release of her long awaited memoir ironically titled I’ll Never Write My Memoirs (September 29th) and a concert at the Bowl (September 27th). For those of you old enough to remember her defiant act of self-assertion on the Russell Harty show, now is your chance to acquaint yourselves with the original dance diva. You might find makeup inspiration for your next music festival, just don’t try and go for the flat top, that’s reserved for Grace.


If you are filled with self-doubt as you gently take hold of your friend’s pinky finger with yours and promise you’ll achieve the Come Up together, let this piece of news bolster your hope. British lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur has announced that singer Paloma Faith will be the star of their AW15 campaign. But what makes this campaign so intriguing is that the retailer’s current Creative Director Sarah Shotton and Faith used to work as shop girls in the same AP store in London. The campaign will be a “cheeky play” on Faith’s working history, and aims to give viewers a peek behind the lace-embroidered veil of lingerie shops post-closing time.

Edited by Katie Gavin

Contributors: Whitney Wood, Matthew Hart, Jo Al-Rasheed, and Michael Esguerra