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Hello Darling, It's Me, Your Friday Revelations.


Next time you’re getting your gels did, you might try pontificating on how your experience is allegorical of the Internet and its role in society. According to Emilio Bianchic, “nail art as a way to examine identity in the real and virtual world” - makes sense, no? We’d like to offer you further explanation, but we simply can’t. The Uruguayan artist, however, will be painting his nails to gesture to a more democratic interweb, true to accessibility and participation, in a series of video pieces that constitute his recently opened show, Nailture, at Postmasters in New York.


Do you have time this weekend? If not, you ought to clear your schedule for LACMA ‘s 24-hour public viewing of Christian Marclay’s masterpiece The Clock. Depicting the passage of time with thousands of moments from cinema and television history edited together to produce a functioning synchronized timepiece of local time, there’ll be free after-hours entry for this unique piece of cinematic artistry. And if time--that sneaky bastard--isn't on your side, we suggest you do your best to catch a follow up screening on August 8th.


James Franco, a.k.a. number one fan and BFF of Lana Del Rey, is putting pen back to paper following a sort of pseudo-suggestion from the muse herself. After Franco’s initial prose--an ode to “The Miami Idol Queen” entitled Shades of Cool--appeared in V Magazine disseminating his fixation on the singer and articulating her desire for Franco to write a semi-fictional book on her, Penguin has since announced that the proposed volume, Flip-Side: Real and Imaginary Conversations With Lana Del Rey, written in collaboration with David Shields, will be available in March 2016. No doubt it’ll be a page-turner.


Turkish-born Halil Altindere’s film Wonderland chronicles the anger and disillusionment of his country’s youth from the historic Sulukule neighborhood of Istanbul. Facing the demolition of their community in the name of “urban renewal,” viewers are presented with images of hip-hop group Tahribad-ı İsyan being confronted by members of law enforcement while they simultaneously drop verse on the topic of racism, discrimination, and gentrification. Wonderland will be exhibiting at MoMA PS1 from now until the end of August.


Praise Ye! Hip-hop icon Kanye West’s increasingly eminent foray into the arts has seen him team up with director Steve McQueen (Hunger, Shame, 12 Years A Slave) to create a short film All Day/I Feel Like That. Making its U.S. premiere at LACMA’s Broad Contemporary this Saturday as part of a pop-up exhibition, the nine-minute video, which first premiered at the Fondation Louis Vuitton during Paris fashion week, was shot in one take at a dockyard near London. Showcasing Kanye bobbing and convulsing in typical Kanye style, the mini feature should attract audiences made up of only the realest of the real.


Chloë Sevigny is so cool; She doesn’t do crowd-funded movies at the beginning of her career, she does them half-way through. The quirky screen siren’s next proposed project, Slow Machine, hinges on whether the Kickstarter will manage to bankroll $30K for production. Already well on its way, if the project meets it target we can expect a “screwball comedy about surveillance” shot on 16mm film by directors Paul Felten and Joe DeNardo. The actress and co-founder of Opening Ceremony is listed on the fundraising page as playing a character named (wait for it) Chloë, which sounds pretty great to us.


Next Monday, event series Mustache Mondays will transform traditional Latin dance club La Cita Bar into the realest (and sweatiest) gay club in Los Angeles as it opens its hairy, glittery arms to rapper and songwriter Spank Rock. You can expect a life-giving performance (see “Car Song” ft. Santigold) and libidinous lyricism (“Assassin” ft. Amanda Blank) from the artist while Nacho Nava, the man behind the event (and eponymous facial hair) works his magical knack for bringing together queer humans of all races, spiritual allegiances, gender identities and respective dance moves.


Pipe cleaners and plastic flowers? It could have all gone so wrong. Miraculously, Australian/Japanese artist Hiromi Tango’s avant-garde use of Suburban craft store materials manage to elevate her works from crafty to masterful as she administers a dose of Oriental pop charm. Creating her “performative” masterpieces with the objective of stimulating creation amongst her viewers, light pulsations and other fit-inducing stimuli aim to make connections between the heart and the brain. Exhibiting from August 1st at Sydney’s Sullivan+Strumpf gallery, you might need a stiff drink to recover post Tango’s show, Fluorescence.


If you find yourself perpetually typing the phrase “90s clubkid” into your Etsy search bar in the hopes of evoking an atmosphere in which you were slightly too young to be a part of, this Sunday is your chance to reclaim your rightful place in ‘da club.’ Held at a secret location in Los Angeles, X-ing will be the candy-coated coalescence of DJs from the late 90s club scene in New York and culture-shifting as yet un-Urban Outfitterized acts of the 10s. Among the names listed on the bill are DJ Scotto (creator of NASA) and Internet princess Wifislilangel. Purchase tickets here or pay $10 dollars at the door before midnight. RSVP to to get the address day of.


We were happy enough when we discovered that Mr. Williams’ new single was serving us jacked up tribal rhythms reminiscent of N.E.R.D.’s heydey, it therefore comes no small bonus that the accompanying video, directed by Paul Hunter, is an equally pleasing counterpart. The evocative globe-trotting short film, which echoes the not-difficult-to-discern theme of the new single “Freedom,” originally premiered with the exclusive Apple Music release of the track a few weeks back but is now available for mass consumption.


It’s hard to believe that 1995 was the year Clueless came out and ruined all of our lives with flawlessly coordinated outfits and impossibly nuanced slang. Tomorrow night, literally two cavernous decades post-release, The Regent in DTLA is giving us all a chance to work out the giant tangle of emotions we feel about this cinematic cornerstone on the dance floor. Bipjeffington, Bruce Perdew and Jason Lavitt will provide the soundtrack for the night, and, And! will provide a Cher’s Closet Photo Booth that you’d think they pulled straight out of our late-night fantasies. RSVP here.


It’s not everyday that one arbitrarily receives an oversized red balloon harbouring a plush set of high thread count pyjamas. But if this does happen to you some time in the near future, know that they’re probably not from our friends on a newfound cosmic body, but rather from the snooze attireists at Sleepy Jones. The sleepware company has set about coercing us out of doors with the promise of a mysterious drop off in areas of the U.S. to be disclosed on their instagram. Just don’t spend too long out there, or you might just combust from over-absorption of Vitamin D.


If you’ve not yet visited the rare gem that is Pehrspace, you’ll definitely be thinking your Google maps is on the fritz as you pull up to discover some of the most intriguing underground bands in our fair city. This Sunday, the seemingly abandoned strip mall parking lot in Echo Park will be hosting a benefit show, The Dark Frontier, whereby ambitious young artists, including the self-proclaimed sex-wave band Intimachine and raucous doom-wop punk outfit Gun/Her, will be fine-tuning their stage presence from 3 p.m. onwards.


Alessandro Michele’s first window design for Gucci featuring the FW15 collection was unveiled at the Gucci Rodeo Drive store last week and will be unveiled at the Gucci store in South Coast Plaza on August 3rd. The surrealistic windows feature turquoise and purple LEDs to create a dynamic and slightly psychedelic 3D perspective. With hands emerging from a bed of flowers and a giant bee absconding with a luxury handbag, we are looking forward to Michele’s future window oeuvres.

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Contributors: Michael Esguerra, Matthew Hart, Irene Kim, and Thomas Woodward.