The Emotions Bubble up From the Bottom of Your Heart

by flaunt

Hobnobbing at The Kitchen NYC's Spring Gala
Last night—as a blustery spring NYC day drew to a close—our Uber drew up to Cipriani Wall Street to attend this year's incarnation of The Kitchen Spring Gala, the annual party thrown by our partners, the non-profit art and performance space that is well into its fifth decade and looking younger every day.

Somewhere between the lamb chop station and the champagne bar we caught up with honorees Kim Gordon and Dan Graham—the artists responsible for our Location Issue art covers—and chatted above the delightful din of Stephen Malkmus's perfect set.

After the gala concluded, the afterparty began, with Honorary Chairs Sofia Coppola and Chloë Sevigny gliding over the dance floor with the downtown art kids who couldn't find the change for the plate price.

Many thanks to Farmer's Organic Gin, Tuffe, Santa Marina, Michter's, Crop Organic Vodka, Chatham Imports, and Lagunitas IPA for providing enough liquid courage to make even Wall Street do the wop.