Will Peltz

by flaunt

“Will has this natural vulnerability and it worked great for his role as an antagonist. Everyone was crippled in this film either physically or emotionally and Will brought depth to the part, without being cliché.” – Producer Bernie Gewissler, Safelight

American actor Will Peltz[14] is the fourth of 10 siblings, but found his career by following his younger sisters’ footsteps. In 2009, after reading scripts with Nicola Peltz, the Bedford, New York-native became fascinated with drama. At the time, Peltz was more capable on the ice, having declined recruiting offers from college hockey teams. But after crossing the continental U.S. and checking into Hollywood, the Yale alum made roles his main offensive. He broke away and gained indie darling status by joining an ensemble cast—including Adam Sandler and Jennifer Garner—in Jason Reitman’s Men, Women & Children (2014). And his next Hollywood power play is The Outskirts. Coming out in November, this high school nerd revenge story positions Peltz as an antagonistic jock with little to redeem. Consider he recently dropped a Mario Sorrenti-shot fashion campaign (fire) facing off with his gah-gah gorgeous girlfriend Kenya Kinski-Jones. Zero CALIFUKs given, Peltz can deke both sides of likability, and score.

14 Born 30 May 1986 [a]

14.a “Ninety minutes of Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis bickering [ *] is like being shut up in a bird cage with budgies.” [i]

14.i From: “Putting the boot in”

by Nancy Banks-Smith | Guardian | 30 May 1986

 * When American detective comedy Moonlighting (1985–1989) premiered on BBC 2, the Guardian complimented its Western-themed movie set intro, but kicked the 90-minute pilot to the corral. Side note: budgie is slang for parakeet. Ouch.

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