What’s in Yr Fridge Duckie Brown and Gen Art?

by flaunt

A Photo Series of Personal Spaces Compiled by Our Friends and Lovers - GEN ART Edition

Duckie Brown is the acclaimed New York menswear label designed and founded by Daniel Silver and Steven Cox.

Daniel is one of the panelists for the Fresh Faces in Fashion Selection Committee of GEN ART—an organization dedicated to finding the new leaders in fashion, music, film and art.

For its 20th anniversary, GEN ART will offer three finalists a scholarship in its mentoring program, which culminates in a sponsored show at New York Fashion Week. Past GEN ART alumni include Zac Posen, and Phillip Lim. The program is now open for entry at: http://www.genartfreshfaces.com

The King Collective—the GEN ART incubator agency that takes young talents under their wing, and that is located in Downtown LA—and Daniel, have both provided us with a glimpse into their fridge this week.

So first up, What's in Yr Fridge Duckie Brown?

Daniel Silver tea pot IMG_4851

This is one of our all-time favorite things.
It was a gift over 30 years ago from a very, very dear friend who now exists in the vapors.
We love serving tea from this tea pot.
daniel silver rolls of thread IMG_4849
Just some rolls of thread and the wrist band that is used to hold the needles.
It kind of sums up Duckie Brown - something serious and practical - but always a sense of humor as well.
Daniel Silver dog on skateboard IMG_4848
From an antique shop in London.
It's a doorstop, and along with all the items in the picture - they are all very heavy - is perfect to be used as a weight to hold down pattern paper when cutting out patterns.

And now, What's in Yr Fridge GEN ART?


With all of the events that we produce we're constantly aligning with various alcohol brands to support our efforts, so at any given time you're bound to find some form of alcohol in our fridge.

Our office is one block away from Urth Caffe, generally making it too easy to "forget" to bring lunch on a regular basis. However, we're a fairly healthy bunch overall so you'll generally find a stock of fruits and vegetables available for consumption.


We had some teepees built for a Coachella event a few years back and have held onto them ever since. We knew we would find good use out of them again. When we threw our new office housewarming party back in April we had to bring them out. This one now lives in one of the event spaces for décor and fun photo ops.