by Roberta Wellington

Flaunt and G-Star RAW Zero in on a Duo of Twins Exemplifying the Differential Nature of the RAW Crew's Latest Campaign: #Tightorwide
Emerging in 2005 as Australia’s sister-act pop darlings, The Veronicas—the identical twin bombshells Lisa and Jessica Origliasso—leveraged a hybrid appeal that took elements of the sugar-coated insatiability of the Olsen twins, and combined it with the “tiny but with ‘tude” teen pop-punk queen Avril Lavigne (The Veronicas and Avril measure in at the same petite 5’1” along with a twist).

You can almost trace the tumultuous history of the last ten years of pop music through The Veronicas' career. The girls got their start on MySpace in the early aughts, building up a fan base in their native Oz; where their debut album, titled The Secret Life of..., entered the local charts at number seven. Their second album, released in 2007, debuted locally at number two. Following that release The Veronicas’ became ensnared in difficulties with their record label Warner Bros.—eventually leaving them for Sony in an acrimonious split in 2014.

The Veronicas hiatus ended last year with their single “You Ruin Me,” which rose to number one on the Australian charts, and 34 on the Billboard Adult top 40. This year they are doing a global tour. Here we speak to them about latex cat-suits, animals, and creative control.

You’re known to take a lot of creative control over your albums and music videos. Does the overall mood or vision come to you first or is it something that you find out as you go along? 

We strive, and always aim to have control from the seed of an idea. We always start with that. Whether it sees the light of day or not, it is always where we begin. We have the visions all the way through, because music evokes images, feelings, colors, and textures for us. Unfortunately for us, sometimes those ideas don’t work with the business plans and image that companies have. And no one knows better than us that money gets the last say.

You also design clothing, how does music and fashion fit together for you? Does musical style translate to fashion style? 

For us, fashion is completely ruled by our hearts and not our heads. We are lead by our emotions. We can go from wearing ultra comfortable slip dresses and boots, to head to toe latex catsuits.

What are the issues that most strongly evoke your passions? 

Injustice, in all forms, to humanity, animals and Mother Earth. We have a great passion for the environment, and sustainable living. Lisa is particularly passionate about local and organic farming, and food education, and I [Jess] am passionate about animals and their equal importance on this earth, big farming corruption in politics, and the general corruption of this planet.

How do you feel that taking time apart in 2010 influenced your music as The Veronicas

We were stuck, we had to think of ways to grow, expand, rebel, find our own authority. And we still are everyday. For girls who love pop music, the industry is one where we don’t really like the politics involved.

You guys rose to fame by utilizing mediums like MySpace early on in your careers. In your opinion, what did the online platforms do for music and how you feel about it now? 

Social media changed the playing field of the music industry by putting the power into the hands of fans and the consumer, and we love that! Of course, it has its ramifications, but the advantage of more music, more variety, more often, is inspiring and worth it.

We love social media. The artist can have direct relationships with fans, rather than a middleman mediating. We always hated the idea of a middleman in any relationship. We don’t need our words diluted.

Stylist: Scott Free for

Hair: Paul Desmarre for

Makeup: Homa Safar

Beauty Notes: Skin care by Caudalie and Murad, Sheer Glow Foundation and Pressed Powder in Flesh by NARS Cosmetics, Shade & Illuminate Highlighter & Shader Duet in Intensity Two by Tom Ford Beauty, 5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette in Cuir Cannage by Dior, Eyeshadow in Charcoal Black, Chromaline Eyeliner Gel in Black Black, Lipstick in Rebel, and Lip liner in Burgundy by M.A.C Cosmetics, Mascara by Tarte Cosmetics, Lashes by Ardell, and One Prep Spray and Death Valley Dry Shampoo by R+Co.