Sofia Richie

by Meredith Alloway


Wool bouclécoat by M Missoni and Austen rose print cotton romper with lace and ruffles by Wildfox.


Leather biker jacket by Maria Lucia Hohan and Asymmetric tartan dress by M Missoni.

Sofia Richie

I Can Haz It All

Sofia Richie is only 16 and she’s already cooler than you. She’s the candy queen of social media, on the arm of bestie Kylie Jenner at all times, and a budding fashion and music overlord. It doesn’t hurt that her pops is Lionel Richie and her big sis is Nicole.

She’s singlehandedly spearheading the bubble-gum, blue-haired, teen-socialite movement. A new album is on the horizon (she’s already been training with Beyonce’s vocal coach) and she’s modeled at New York Fashion Week. Getting into the psyche of a teenybopper is always a good time—she’s more fashion and pop-culturally astute than any of my millennial friends who live on direct trade kopi luwak coffee beans shat from a tody cat, micro greens, and the occasional goji berry.

On an interminably sunny day in L.A., I get to chat with Richie about what my wardrobe needs for fall, why her family needs a reality show, and (finally!) what truly makes a great selfie.

You did some modeling at NYFW. What was the most insane moment of the experience? Well, I had one crazy moment where the outfit I was going to wear ripped! I was wearing this Opening Ceremony skirt and I bent over to pick up my bag and the whole tight part ripped open. The second [most insane moment] was just so much press, so much paparazzi and photographers everywhere. The chaos!

Tell me three things I need to buy for fall. Forget I’m a journalist with no money. Aim high. A big Céline coat—not a fur one but a cotton Céline long coat; such a good item to have. I’m really into long coats. Rick Owens long robe coats. My Balenciaga boots are everything and they save my life when it’s raining. Honestly, Top Shop sweaters and jeans save my life. It’s easy and it works.

You’re also producing a record! Tell me all about it! We haven’t started working on it yet. We’re putting together with people I’d want to work with…

And you play piano? My dad has taught me since I was little!

Word around the campfire is you’re working with vocal coach Tim Carter, and so is your best friend Kylie Jenner. He’s a legend. What does a session with him entail? Tim Carter is just so amazing. He’s different than any other vocal coach. He knows how to perfect the tone and doesn’t make you sound like another artist. That’s hard to find with a vocal couch. He takes you all the way up the scale, he pushes you past your limit.

What’s it been like growing up with such amazing mentor figures? Michael Jackson was practically your godfather. What’s a nugget of wisdom you’ve taken from them? One of my dad’s really close friends was Michael [Jackson], and Quincy Jones is still one of his close friends. The most massive artists in the world are humble.

I think the Richies need a reality show. I hear you play some pranks on each other. Do tell! They’re pretty evil, actually! It depends on if we’re really feeling [like] pranksters, we’ll put Saran wrap on the toilet! If my brother pees it comes back at him! We’ll put, like, glue on his floor! It varies to certain degrees.

The most important question I’ve asked you yet: What makes a good selfie? Give me some steps. Honestly, it’s all about the lighting and the angle. If you know you’re angle, you’ll be fine.

Photographer: Nicolas Padron for, L.A. Stylist: Tiffani Chynel at Hair: Bobby Elliot for Makeup: Lesley Thornton at Manicure: Whitney Gibson for