Sean Pablo

by Sway Benns

Do You Like Penicillin On Your Pizza?
This year, Supreme made a skate video called “cherry.” Five minutes in you’ll see Sean Pablo standing on a subway platform, the L train circulating in the background. He’s holding the underside of his board up to the camera. Scribbled onto the deck is the prompt “Take my virginity away.” [Vice will confirm that Pablo lost his virginity following the release of the video. You will imagine this is a weird subject to broach with a 16-year-old.]

If you pull the video up 30 seconds you’ll see an elderly man in a bucket hat, a button-up shirt, and what looks like a Texas Instruments calculator in his pocket, point to Sean and say, half-awed (which may or may not be ironic), “He’s so good-looking.” If you stay with that moment you’ll notice Pablo in the background tripping over his board in response. “You got him shook!” calls out a friend.

There’s a Tumblr called FuckingSeanPablo. The anonymous owner of this blog posts images of Pablo with Aurel Schmidt, Dylan Rieder, and Alex Olson; gifs from skate videos in which Sean has been featured; and, perhaps most amusingly, an obscure slew of unverified facts about the skateboarder: His birthday is August 30th; His dad’s Instagram is brendanseanmurphy; his most worn trousers are Dickies 874; ethnically he is Salvadoran and Irish. Sean thinks this Tumblr is “kinda weird.”

Sean Pablo won’t answer your emails. You’ll send three before you get a reply, which will be polite, apologetic: delayed because he just got to New York or Tokyo [where he will tell you, “Dude McDonald’s is so much better here, it’s insane.” You will agree]. For this reason you will forgive these ebbs in communication. He will text you a picture of Jason Dill who is staying in the room beneath him. He will tell you that Dill is “like Elvis out here, kids stop him for photos every two seconds.” He will tell you that yesterday Dill told him not to be “the guy at the show wearing the band’s T-shirt.”

Converse released a video called “Sage and Sean” in early June, welcoming Sage Elsesser and Sean Pablo to the CONS team. The video features a song picked by Elsesser called “Sudan” by Interacción. Sean thinks it’s “rad.” He’s currently the youngest person on the team. 

Palo Alto is a 2013 movie directed by Gia Coppola and scored by Dev Hynes. Pablo makes an appearance in one of the film’s scenes. He has yet to see it. You will ask him why. He will mention, casually, that he just hasn’t “gotten around to it yet.” You will not know how to process this information.

Sean Pablo’s favorite skate videos are: “Mind Field” by Alien Workshop Old Stereo videos like “A Visual Sound” and “Tincan Folklore” “Video Days” and Crooked videos, specifics unnamed. He will admit this list is incomplete.

Sean will provide his Instagram handle in the event you’d like to tag him in that photo of Jason Dill. You will confirm you did tag him. “Oh you did,” he’ll text back. “Whoops.”

Photographer: Yoshino at Stylist: Sean Knight for Hair: Derek Yuen. Makeup: Jeffrey Baum for Producer: Adam Browne at Assistant Producer: Samantha Chadwick.