Paris Jackson

by Micaela Birch


Paris wears AG jeans. Michael wears HUDSON JEANS jeans and his own jewelry.


ALLSAINTS sweater and Paris’ own jewelry worn throughout.


 Left to right: Caroline wears MADE BY DAWN bikini and TOPSHOP UNIQUE skirt. Paris wears MADE BY DAWN swimsuit and TOPSHOP UNIQUE jeans.


 MCQ dress and AG jeans.


ETRO coat and TOPSHOP UNIQUE skirt.


Left to right: WANDA NYLON top and COS dress. PARI DESAI sweater, WANDA NYLON pants, and ERES bra.


L’AGENCE blouse available at Ron Herman, L.A., WANDA NYLON top, and BURBERRY pants.


KIT & ACE turtleneck.


AG t-shirt and GABRIELA ARTIGAS “Oh La La Land” Collaboration ear cuff.


AG t-shirt, GUESS jeans, and GABRIELA ARTIGAS “Oh La La Land” Collaboration ear cuff.




ETRO dress and ISSEY MIYAKE “Pleats Please” pants available at Ron Herman, Los Angeles.


Paris wears ALLSAINTS sweater. Caroline wears COS sweater and BURBERRY dress.


Bobby wears ALLSAINTS jacket, EACH x OTHER “oh la la land” t-shirt, and SALT sunglasses. Caroline wears BURBERRY dress, COS shirt, and SALT sunglasses.

Paris Jackson

The Dauphine of Oh La La Land showers her friends Caroline D’Amore, Michael Snoddy, and Bobby Alt in petals from on high

Paris, the city of padlocked romance, and L.A., the city where Hollywood meets the sea. Arrondissements and arches, strip malls and mansions, lifeguards and lovers. Now in this the Oh La La Land issue, we find Oh La La Land itself—a city of our imagination, fusing the best and the worst of both these worlds. And who shall be the standard-bearer for the youth of this fever-dreamt-of city? Who shall stand tall for the now generation? For those who have known nothing but connectivity. Who live lives that are at once virtual and real, resilient and fragile, liberated and lost. The saturated generation. The Oh La La Landians who face windward, their hands nowhere near the wheel, full into the gale of a tempestuous world riven by political and economic disintegration, mass incarceration, endless flashbulbs, and an infinitude of fragmented cultural philosophies and religions.

We nominate Paris Jackson. Oh La La Land can find no more mythical an anointed one than this daughter of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. An 18-year-old, catapulting social media star, her name lives in Paris, her home is L.A.

Like many of her generation Jackson is questing for meaning, and cobbling together pertinent ideas regardless of their source, questing for personal resonance more than any mechanical adherence to dogma: “I really enjoy Buddhism as a philosophy,” she says thoughtfully to her friend Caroline D’Amore, “I feel as though it really taught me to be content and at peace with myself. That way of life really introduced me to Wicca, which I’ve also been studying for a few years.”

A talented illustrator, Jackson has multiple tattoos and a passion for self-expression through ink. On her wrist, she has a highly personal tattoo—it says “Queen of my heart,” and is taken from a hand-written note that her father penned to her. Jackson resists this tattoo being photographed since she feels it’s a unique token of her and her father’s bond that she doesn’t want copied.

Like many of her generation, art is an important part of her life, and again, influences and tastes are shattered, and approached from multitudinous directions with splintering subjectivity: “I feel like beauty is something that can’t be defined,” Jackson explains, “like music. Everyone has their own taste and shouldn’t be judged for it. My favorite art piece is called the ‘Three Musicians’ by Pablo Picasso. Mostly because of the story behind it. During Picasso’s time, artwork was about realism. The more realistic your painting was, the better an artist you were considered. When Picasso came out with his work, people looked at him like he was insane. They would say, ‘What are you doing, you’re supposed to paint what you see?’ His response was, ‘I do paint what I see.’ The three musicians are all combined into one thing, all of the instruments are placed together like one, like how all of the instruments in an orchestra can create one symphony. I love the way he saw the world and how his mind worked. I feel like I see things the same way.”

Looking out with Caroline at the gauzy, boundary-less stretch of greater Los Angeles, which (for now) she’ll call home, Jackson sweetly remarks: “I remember throwing rose petals from the top of the Eiffel Tower. That’s one of my greatest memories.”

Photographer: Dani Brubaker for LGA Management.

Fashion Director: Mui-Hai Chu.

Hair: Loui Ferry for Opus Beauty using Oribe Hair Care and Chanel Les Beiges

Makeup: Jen Fiamengo for Walter Schupfer using Hourglass Cosmetics.

Manicure: Nancy Angsuvarn for Opus Beauty.

Styling Assistant: Katiria Powell.

Location: Smoky Hollow Studios.

Paris Jackson was featured in 2016 in Flaunt: A Few Favorites from a Fabulous Year