Ophelia Lovibond

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JITROISsuede dress.


JITROISsuede dress.


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Ophelia Lovibond

“She has that rare ability to really inhabit a character at the drop of a hat.” – Director Miranda Bowen,


Ophelia Lovibond’s[18] 41 acting credits include two primo CALIFUK collaborations. She portrays relocated San Francisco hippie Robin in the American-penned Sky Atlantic dramedy Mr. Sloane (2014). And on CBS’s Elementary (2014–2015)—a modern day Sherlock Holmes set in NYC—she plays sharp-as-a-knife detective protégé Kitty Winters. Her sagacity sets her apart from peers, and she knows it. She’s told the tabloids she’s not out to play characterless females. Breaking in with recurring telly roles, Lovibond landed a part in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). Now, she’s developing rich characters for the big screen. The forthcoming psychological thriller Gozo, set on the eponymous Mediterranean island retreat, traps Lovibond in a spiraling confrontation with her and her partner’s haunted past. CALIFUK wishes her safe passage to and from the valleys of performative madness.

18  Born 19 February 1986 [a]

18.a  “Like a flawed hero, it lumbers along looking flamboyant, absurd and recognizably human.” [i]

18.i From: “1955 Film Captures The Mystery Of Picasso” [*]

by Suzanne Muchnic | Los Angeles Times | 19 February 1986

*During the filming of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s documentary Le Mystère Picasso (1956) the artist produced twenty-some-odd works, including a gawky Centaur. Assembled willy-nilly on the fly, it consisted of a lens box, a light stand, the legs of a painter’s easel, and filmstrip. It’s the only surviving piece from the production as all other works were destroyed after production wrapped.

Photographer: Francesca Allen for Social-pictures.com.

Stylist: Roberta Hollis at robertahollis.co.uk.

Hair: Fabio Nogueira for Frankagency.co.uk.

Makeup: Justine Jenkins at Justinejenkins.com using Charlotte Tilbury.

Executive Producer: Jane Everett for Pranaproduction.co.uk.

Associate Producer: Laura Gonzalez Murphy for Pranaproduction.co.uk.