Lucy Hale

by Charley Cameron


Suede shift dress by Paper London.


Cheetah print coat by Longchamp and striped turtleneck sweater by Camilla and Marc.


Plaid bow top by Zimmermann and metal cuff by Pluma.


Turtleneck by Paper London and Gold and silver metal cuff by Pluma.


Plastic flower coat by Cristiano Burani and Gloves by Marciano.


Fringe dress by Marciano.

Lucy Hale

She’s Sitting in the Catbird’s Seat

Lucy Hale is a tricky person to track down. After a week of missed connections, we’re cheerfully chatting away on the phone as she cruises over Laurel Canyon. She’s gushing about her photo shoot: “It was one of the coolest shoots I’ve ever done—we put on a short bob wig, and makeup I don’t usually use. I’m definitely out of my element.” She stops to warn she might cut out. “There’s, like, terrible service here.”

Hale is in the middle of what constitutes a normal week for the 25-year-old: “Pretty much Monday through Friday we film the show.” She’s talking about Pretty Little Liars, the ABC teen drama that made Hale a household name. “Then on the weekends I’ll fly away and do performances or press for the album.” Now she’s talking about Road Between, the country album with which Hale launched her music career this summer, an album that debuted at 14 on the Billboard charts. On other days there’s work with Hollister, who approached Hale to be behind their first celebrity line. “Our hiatus [from Pretty Little Liars] is coming up,” she says, “and I think on this hiatus I’m going to do some film.” But she can’t give us any details on that, not for another couple of weeks.

“I always want to stretch the talents I’ve been given and do things that scare me. I want to be the exception. In the field of entertainment you’re often just an actor or just a singer—I want to be the person that can dabble in a lot of different worlds.” Sure, but this rapid-fire reinvention has to be a little scary sometimes, that spreading-yourself-too-thing, twist-and-wrench of the actor/singer-songwriter, and the curses therein. To boot, Hale isn’t just releasing an album—she’s releasing a country album. “Releasing an album was the most serious and most uncomfortable thing I’ll ever do. I think it’s about as vulnerable as you can ever get, especially singing songs that you’ve written; that’s your story, that’s your heart on your sleeve…  I tried to keep it from people for a while, I wanted to make sure that it was 100% right before I shared it with everyone.”

Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for sixth and seventh seasons, and after that “there’s rumors of a movie. I can’t say if it’s happening or not, but I think that’ll be the end of it. We’ve had a good run.” Beyond that, Hale plans to focus on things she’s “lightly dipped her toes into,” she says. “For music, I want to do a big tour. For film, I want to do crazy characters, still diving deeper into the things I’ve just explored.”

Television, music, film, and the unknown. Is Lucy Hale’s personal life following the headlong bulrush of her professional career? “Well, this year I bought my first house, which was scary,” she says. “I’m scared of heights, but I’m going skydiving this year.” She pauses. “We’ll see if that actually happens, but it’s on the agenda.”

Photographer: Yu Tsai for Stylist: Wyman Chang for Hair: Rob Talty for Makeup: Kelsey Deenihan for Manicure: Christina Aviles for Producer: Trever Swearingen. Digital Tech: Peter Phan. Photography Assistant: Fredrik Marklund. Production Assistant: Todd Touron.