Lou Roy-Lecollinet Will Not Kiss And Tell

by Jon-Barrett Ingels

The 19-year-old actress is dying to tell us about her new project, but her lips are sealed

At 19 years old, Lou Roy-Lecollinet was gently pulled toward her destiny by being cast as Esther in Arnaud Desplechin’s My Golden Days. The unwitting yet talented actress bares her body and soul in her first on-screen appearance. A student at the time, Roy-Lecollinet had no aspirations to be an actress. Her sights were set on directing for stage and eventually screen. Her friends at that time all had goals of being discovered and getting cast in a film.

Her first secret: Cast to play Esther.

The friends I had at this period were not good friends. I didn’t want to tell them because I knew they were going to be jealous. I didn’t tell everybody at first. I had a lot of friends that wanted to be actresses or actors. They were jealous of me managing to be an actress without doing anything, but I can’t help it.

When she finally told them.

They were like, “Mmm, great for you. I’m so happy for you.” [Spoken with complete sarcasm] So, they are not my friends anymore.

The role of Esther involved multiple vulnerable and intimate scenes with her co-star, Quentin Dolmaire.

Her second secret: Sex and smoking.

I didn’t watch [Golden Days] with my parents. I let them watch it alone. I was kind of embarrassed with, of course, the sex scenes and the smoking scenes because they think I don’t smoke. But I was proud too, even if it was kind of hard for them to see me naked with a boy. I was really proud to show them that I can do this and that I am really good at it and that I know how to do what to do with my life. And they were proud too, because for them, they know that it makes me happy and that’s all that matters.

Roy-Lecollinet will be shooting a new project this spring, which she was hesitant to discuss.

Her third secret: Unknown project.

I don’t know. I can’t talk about it. I’m going to shoot a new movie in March and April. It’s really frustrating because I really want to talk about it because it’s a really, really cool project. It’s exciting to say, “I could tell you about it but I will not.” It’s better for the movie not to tell too much about it and keep secrets because it’s a whole industry and there are rules. So I can be patient.

Photographer: Eric Guillemain for 2b Management.

Stylist: Camille Seydoux for The Wall Group, Paris.

Hair: Christian Attuly for B Agency.

Makeup: Rafael Pita for B Agency.

Producer: Margaux Huguet for 2b Management.

Photography Assistants: Olivier Jeanne-Rose and Denis Boulze.

Styling Assistant: Hugo Toucas.

Location: Stella Studio, Paris.