Hannah Ware

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Hannah Ware

“Hannah Ware 

has what a big actress needs: She is intense, emotional, intelligent, and beautiful. I can’t stop watching her on screen.” – Director Aleksander Bach,

Hitman: Agent 47


CALIFUK around hard enough and things might turn up Hannah Ware.[26] After studying architecture, she took an audition—on a dare. To her mate’s chagrin, she landed the part of Kelsey Grammar’s drug-addled daughter on the Starz series Boss (2011—2012). Naturally telegenic—her sister is aural-visual heartthrob Jessie Ware—roles kept falling in Hannah Ware’s lap, including Donna Hawthorne, a sacrificial lamb in a psychopath’s revenge plot during the American remake of ever excruciating Old Boy (2013). But nothing tripped up the newcomer until filming commenced on Hitman: Agent 47. The 32-year-old actress plays the mysterious Katia in the live action adaptation of the thrilling video-game series. See, Ware admits to being a bit, ah, “spatially unaware” and that she stumbled through the numerous stunt sequences. But given her devilish charm, who’d prattle on about an extra take or two? Hopefully not committed fans to the gaming franchise, since they’ll have a collective hand in her career’s future gambits, graceful or clumsy as they may be.

26 Born 8 December 1982 [a]

26.a “NBC apparently isn’t swinging the axe in the executive suites.” [i][*]

26.i From “Inside TV: Devlin, Gavilin Canceled by NBC”

by Lee Margulies | Los Angeles Times | 8 December 1982

* Though The Devlin Connection (1982) was cancelled after 13 episodes, NBC’s programming chief, Brandon Tartikoff (1949-1997), signed a contract extension the Tuesday before the announcement. Tartikoff accumulated an arsenal of achievements—including the development of Punky Brewster—and became the youngest President of Entertainment at NBC (at 32 years). He needed convincing that Michael J. Fox could star in Family Ties, saying, “That’s not a face you’ll ever see on a lunchbox.” Of course, J. Fox later mailed the naysayer a Marty McFly lunchbox, which Tartikoff kept in his office for the remainder of his career.

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