Hannah Murray

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CARVEN sweater and COACH skirt.


MIU MIU croc effect faux patent leather dress and ruffled blouse.


FENDI dress and top andPAUL SMITH boots.


FENDI dress.


CARVEN sweater and COACH skirt.


COACH sweater.



Hannah Murray

“What was incredible about Hannah was that she really did have a unique voice she wanted to contribute to the story, which stemmed from the fact that she’s so well read. In earlier brain-storming sessions, [Director] Micael [Preysler] looked to her for input on her character and I think her insight impacted how the story was ultimately shaped.” – Producer Garen Barsegian,

Lily & Kat


Even a hurricane won’t waylay actress Hannah Murray[28] from a promising future. In 2013, as an ankle-watch wearing teen starring in coolly controversial Skins (2007-2013) she told the press she didn’t know how to talk to strangers. Now she’s a regular on Game of Thrones (2012-2015), as Gilly, a devoted mother stationed near The Wall. Aside from work on the fan-frenzied HBO series, she also starred in Lily & Kat (2015), a tender but honest coming-of-age story set in New York City. During production, Hurricane Sandy swept through, forcing the production to scratch locations while enduring a gas crisis, power outages and subway shutdowns. The 26-year-old remained steadfastly professional, choosing to weather the powerful storm. Next on Murray’s radar is The Chosen, where she will join a whirlwind of talent, including the distinguished Frances Fisher and genius-progeny Brontis Jodorowsky. In case of CALIFUK monsoons, keep an eye on Murray, her prowess likely leads to dry land, salvation.

28 Born 1 July 1989 [a]

28.a “In the meantime, I will wait for the film to come out on video.My popcorn is cheaper,and my TV screen is bigger.”[i][*]

28.i From: “Big Screen Blues”

by Patricia A. Jauchler | Los Angeles Times | 1 July 1989

* Planning a $10 night out, the Times writer could only afford a ticket ($7) and popcorn ($2.25)—no drink—so she stuffed herself into a shoebox-sized theater but, sadly, did not see Back to the Future Part II (released in 1989). If on a summer’s night a time traveler, the night might have ended with Netflix, and AmazonFresh-delivered coconut water.

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Hannah Murray was featured in 2016 in Flaunt: A Few Favorites from a Fabulous Year