Georgina Campbell

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Georgina Campbell

“Georgina has the ability to be all emotional states in one moment. She’s smart without being smarmy.” – Director Paul Andrew Williams,

Murdered by My Boyfriend


BAFTA award-winner Georgina Campbell[23] literally strolled into the spotlight (it didn’t hurt that she already looked the part). In 2008, a director stopped her midstride in Tottenham Court and asked her to audition on the spot. She landed the role in Freak (2009), a made-for-Myspace teen drama, then gained momentum with a series of bit parts. But the 23-year-old actress hit peak velocity with her harrowing performance in Murdered by My Boyfriend. Here she portrays Ashley, based on a real-life victim of domestic abuse. The role gave cause to shudder—her fictional boyfriend bashes in her skull in lieu of dealing with the aftermath of their pregnancy—but also took real-life Campbell onstage to receive her best actress prize from BAFTA. Now, of four forthcoming roles, BBC’s The Ark forces her to confront wrath head on, when she plays Aris in a retelling of Noah and the flood. CALIFUK-ing right, though, Campbell refuses to take on tired stereotypical roles—“poor, unhappy, uneducated, highly sexualized or surrounded by aggressive and criminal behavior” as she puts it. A step in the right direction, and one nobody plans to interrupt.

23 Born 12 June 1992 [a]

23.a “We believe this commitment is crucial to a democratic society, where the full range of opinion and thought—whether we agree with it or not—must be able to find an outlet.” [i]

23.i Time Warner, from: “Texas Police Calls For Boycott of Time Warner: Pop: Law enforcement group protests release of Ice-T song and threatens to demonstrate at July shareholder’s meeting.”[*]

by Chuck Philips | Los Angeles Times | 12 June 1992

* When the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas threatened to protest a July 1992 meeting amongst Time Warner shareholders, the media conglomerate issued a press release. As promised, the incensed police group met with Time Warner’s top officials, only to be rebuffed by the corporation. As of 2015, Ice-T’s net worth is valued at $40 million.

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