Chace Crawford

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ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA COUTUREpinstripe suit, button-up shirt, and wool tie.


TOM FORDherringbone double breasted jacket, check shirt, jeans, knit tie, suede boots andM COHEN DESIGNsilver and black diamond ring.

Chace Crawford

“He’s off the cuff and his comedic timing is strong. Chace is fantastic at improv, something I’m not sure other producers or directors have necessarily seen from him. That’s what I think he did best, giving something new and fresh to each take.”

– Producer Eric Fischer, Undrafted

Second rule of CALIFUK, don’t talk about Texas heartlander Chace Crawford,[31] unless it’s kindly. While the Gossip Girls (2007-2012) star did reign king of the Upper East Side prep school scene as Nate Archibald—lacrosse golden boy, progeny of a French socialite and a Navy Captain/wealthy banker, deflecting romantic attention from both leading women—the 30-year-old actor officially stated that he does not want to work with his CW costars again. But don’t draw false conclusions about Crawford’s intention—or his masculine stature (wow, those shoulders!)—or his love interests—or there will be reckoning. This fall, he will join the cast of Blood & Oil as millennial homesteader Billy LeFever (nominative determinism). Starring Don Johnson as an oil tycoon, the ABC series sizes up considerably, with Dallas-sized melodrama, and a Hollywood-hot cast seizing power amidst a North Dakota oil boom. Then there’s the untitled Warren Beatty project that clandestinely wrapped shooting in early 2014. Crawford is listed as an actor in the production—alongside Candice Bergen, Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, and Martin Sheen—with high profile investment from the likes of Sarah E. Johnson (who spurred on Birdman). It’s speculated to be a factional confluence of Beatty’s and Howard Hughes’ lives. Interesting Mr. Crawford. Seems a big berth from Texan hearththrob to Hollywood inner circle. CALIFUK’s keeping her lips sealed.

31 Born 18 July 1985 [a]

31.a “The rest was dubbed by some, possibly by mistake, WR: Mysteries of the Orgasm.” [i][*]

31.i From “Sweetness turned sour”

Guardian | 18 July 1985

* Technically, the title is WR: Mysteries of the Organism. The 1971 film from incendiary Yugoslavian director Dušan Makavejev explores sexual repression and the orgone theory—a hypothetical universal life force postulated by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. WR was banned in Yugoslavia in 1971 and resulted in his exile from the country until 1988.

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